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Cookie-cutter child custody agreements aren’t always best

Last week, we discussed how some parenting agreements can be made out of court. Those agreements are often more in line with what the child needs since they give both parents the opportunity to be a part of the child’s life in a way that works for the parents. If you think about it, there isn’t really any cookie-cutter parenting agreement that would work without fail in all cases. We know that some child custody cases require creative custody agreements.

A creative custody agreement is one that takes the specific needs of the child and parents into account. For example, it isn’t feasible for a doctor who works in the emergency room to have a set-in-stone child custody agreement. Instead, the doctor needs a child custody agreement that allows him or her to hold a job and spend time with the child when he or she is off. Oil field workers, emergency services personnel and members of the military are some other parents who might find a creative custody agreement to be a good option.

Children with special needs, medical conditions or other issues might also benefit from the flexibility of a creative child custody agreement. In these cases, considering the child’s schedule, such as therapy appointments and doctor visits, might help you to customize the custody agreement.

We know that you want to spend time with your child. Creative custody agreements are one way that you can do this in a way that serves your child’s best interests. We can help you explore the possible child custody agreements that might work for you, your child and your ex.

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