Improve your safety when you flee a domestic abuse situation

Staying safe if you are leaving an abusive relationship is vital to help you get started on your new life. As we mentioned last week, there is a shortage of beds at domestic violence shelters in Texas. That makes it vital for anyone who is fleeing an abusive relationship to take necessary steps to remain safe. Getting a protective order is one way that you can increase your safety when you leave.

In order to get a protective order issued, you have to petition the court. When you first petition the court, you will likely get a temporary protective order to help you remain safe until a decision about a permanent protective order can be made. We can help you to file the necessary paperwork to get the process going for a protective order.

A temporary protective order is one that can force the abusive person to move out of your home if you don’t have anywhere to go. It can also place restrictions on the activities of the person. This order stays good for up to three weeks, which is the time limit for obtaining the permanent order.

A permanent protective order is issued after a hearing. We can help you present evidence at that hearing to support your request for a protective order. This protective order can include specific conditions that can help you and your family members protected against more violence.

If you are considering leaving an abusive situation, you should take steps immediately to increase your safety. We can help you take the necessary steps to get the legally-binding orders that can help.

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