Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce finalized

After years of fighting breakup rumors, one of country music’s favorite couples announced that they had already divorced. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who met in 2005 and wed in 2011, released a joint statement on July 20 that they had made the decision to end their marriage. The couple’s divorce was finalized that day, just two weeks after Shelton reportedly made the filing.

The couple signed a prenup before their marriage, making the property division process quick and easy and contributing to how fast the divorce was settled. Lambert will retain ownership of the marital home in Nashville, and Shelton will keep the Oklahoma ranch he brought into the marriage. There was no other information released about any other financial matters.

Property division in Texas can be much more complicated than couples may first understand. Many people believe that in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, the assets will be divided 50/50. However, this isn’t always the case. While the courts do usually order an equitable distribution of the assets, this can play out in various ways depending on the individual situation.

Factors such as the earning potential of both parties, the length of the marriage and what is deemed as sole property brought into the marriage all play an important part in how assets are divided. While it may be possible for you and your ex to agree on how to split your assets after the divorce has been initiated, it’s important to have everything looked over by an attorney before signing or submitting it to the courts for approval to ensure you are aware of any potential consequences.

Source: Taste of Country, “Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorcing,” Billy Dukes, July 20, 2015

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