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Child custody cases require personal attention to the details

For couples who aren’t married, dealing with child custody issues is handled in a very similar manner to child custody issues that occur for married couples. The bottom line in both cases is that the child custody and visitation agreement has to be in the best interests of the child. We know that making sure your child is taken care of is one of your top priorities. We can help you learn your options to make sure your child’s best interests are kept at the heart of the matter.

In the case of an unmarried couple, there is a distinct difference that usually comes into the picture. Generally, a child won’t be taken from his or her mother as long as the mother is a fit parent. That doesn’t mean that seeking custody or visitation is a lost cause. It simply means that you need to ensure your position is represented properly.

We can help you to explore the options that you have for your child custody case. No two cases can be handled just alike since family dynamics and children’s needs can vary greatly. We can discuss your child’s needs and the terms that you would like to see in your child custody agreement. From there, we can come up with a plan to show your side of the case.

Whether you are seeking child custody or visitation, we can help you learn your options. We can help you negotiate terms through mediation or present your side in court. No matter where you are in the custody battle, we are here to help you protect your rights to parent your child.

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