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Is divorce actually good for anything?

Divorce can be unpredictable. It can be frightening. If you’re thinking about splitting up in Texas, you may not want to do it just because it scares you. The thing to keep in mind is that there are some things divorce is actually very good for, and keeping your eyes on these benefits can make the risks and uncertainty seem worth it.

One thing that divorce is good for, for example, is dividing your property. Texas uses community property laws, so the goal is to split in half that which was acquired during the marriage. The divorce process ensures that this is done correctly, that all assets are considered and declared and that you get your fair share.

Another thing divorce can be good for is alimony, or spousal support. When one partner decides not to work, drops out of the workforce or quits going to school, it’s often with the expectation that the other person will provide financial support. The sacrifice may even be specifically to help that person’s career. A divorce can ensure, through alimony, that the expectation of support is met.

Finally, divorce is also good for creating a custody agreement and parenting plan. Courts want both parents to stay involved to some degree with their children. A divorce can never promise that you’ll all treat each other in a civil manner or that there won’t be difficult times with strained relationships, but it can help to define the new normal for the parties.

As you move toward divorce, be sure you know all of your legal rights regarding these three key areas.

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