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Child custody and the holidays

The holidays are an exciting time, and many families choose to spend them keeping up traditions and making memories. Which parent the children spend the holidays with is usually determined by the custody order and parenting schedule, whether that is the regular schedule for your state or a different arrangement you and your ex agreed to during your divorce.

If it’s your turn to have the children this holiday season, it’s important to still try to be respectful of your ex and include him or her when possible. In some cases, this may be as easy as letting the kids video chat with the other parent for a few minutes on Christmas morning, and in others, it may be more involved, such as letting the other parent come over to watch the children open up gifts.

However, there are also divorced couples who are better off keeping their holiday celebrations separate, for various reasons. If this is your set of circumstances, you can make holiday co-parenting easier for all involved by trying to keep a positive, friendly attitude. Try to put yourself in your ex’s shoes and imagine how it feels to not be able to be present for all of the festivities. Consider sending some pictures of the children during this season to your ex, and keep your custody exchanges as quick and painless as possible.

The holiday season can sometimes cause issues to flare up in regards to custody or parenting time. If you feel like there may need to be changes to your existing arrangement, a family law attorney can help.

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Tips to Make Holiday Parenting Time Less Stressful,” Daniel Clement, accessed Dec. 04, 2015

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