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Spousal support and pet custody issues stall celebrity divorce

Many show business divorces are settled quickly thanks to air-tight prenuptial agreements, while others may be drawn out due to an inability to agree on child custody and other issues. However, the divorce between singer/actress Mandy Moore and musician Ryan Adams is still not settled nearly a year after the couple filed. It’s been reported that the couple’s eight pets may be one contributing factor.

The couple had reportedly originally agreed to both help take care of their two dogs and six cats after the split. However, Moore recently filed papers saying that she was being left as the sole caretaker of the animals. She also claims that the costs and time associated with the pets is keeping her from being able to take on some work opportunities. She says she is not able to bring in enough income as a result and is now asking for spousal support.

Adams reportedly makes almost four times as much as Moore. He has had success both a singer and songwriter and has received several Grammy nominations throughout his career. The two were married in 2009 after a very short engagement and filed for divorce in January of 2015. The couple has been notoriously private about their relationship both prior to, during and after the end of their marriage.

Pet custody can be a major issue in divorces, with both parties fighting over who will get to keep the pets. Sometimes one person wants to leave the care to the other completely. How these issues are settled depends on the court’s interpretation of the Texas marital property division guidelines.Your family law attorney can provide guidance in how to deal with pet custody and expense issues.

Source: ABC News, “Mandy Moore Requests Spousal Support for Pets,” Dec. 11, 2015

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