Alimony is a hot-button issue in divorce

Seeing marriage as a partnership between two people is a good way of looking at it. Texas laws agree with this and that is why divorce is granted and property is divided in a right and just manner. This is a community property state, which means that the property you both own, no matter who bought it, belongs to both of you. The judge has the right to divide the property any way he or she sees fit, equal or not.

Another issue that comes up often in divorce is alimony or spousal maintenance. The judge can give one of the spouses alimony if it seems right and the circumstances are such that this would be a good idea for the time being. He can give a monthly allotment or a lump sum, whichever he or she chooses.

Being represented well is important in a divorce that involves alimony. The attorneys at the law office of Scott M. Brown & Associates can help. We know what will bring the best results.

Was there a recent history of domestic abuse from one spouse to another or against one of the children? Have you been married for 10 years or more? Does one of you have a physical or mental disability that prevents you from working? If the answer to any and all of these questions is yes, the court may grant alimony more readily. Remember, this must be documented and provable.

If one of you has to care for a special needs child that requires one-on-one close care in order for this child to survive, the court will also take this into consideration if one of you has stayed home to help this child.

Getting divorced is always difficult. You have to deal with many issues and one of them may well be spousal maintenance or alimony. To learn more, visit our webpages on divorce and alimony.

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