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Taking care of your child’s needs is a priority

When parents divorce or simply aren’t together any longer, the children that they share must remain a priority. While the emotional needs of the child are very important, the financial support the child has is also important. This is where child support comes in. When you are going through a child support case, it is often easy to focus on the dollar amount. We know that raising a child isn’t cheap. With that in mind, we can help you to seek the child support that you need.

In Texas, we have mandatory child support guidelines that are used to determine how much child support is paid in a case. The formula that is used takes the net resources of the parents into consideration. This might lead to some issues, but we can help you to address those as they occur.

One particular issue that we might have to deal with is if the other parent isn’t forthcoming with their financial information. This does add a certain level of difficulty to the case, but it isn’t something that we can’t work around.

It is often possible for us to get copies of bank statements and other statements that prove the amount the parent is being paid. Even when the income is irregular, such as if the parent is an independent contractor, we can work to determine how the child support case should be handled.

We know that you only want to provide for your child. If you are going through a child support case, we can help to ensure that your child remains the focus of the case.

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