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Alimony payments are helpful but not mandatory

The terms of a divorce are usually a source of dispute since each party wants everything to go their own way. Issues like child custody are usually very difficult when the parties won’t work together. Other issues like alimony are often a bit easier to determine because of the laws that Texas has regarding the subject. We can help you to understand the laws regarding alimony and how they affect your case.

When it comes to alimony, the laws lay out when alimony should be paid. This can include the length of the marriage and other issues, such as the standard of living or the income of each party. We can help you to put all of the important information together so that you know where you stand when it comes to alimony.

We understand that spousal support is crucial for some people who are getting a divorce. If you feel that you are unable to manage without some type of support from your ex, we can work with you to pursue the support you need.

There are several different considerations that the court considers when issuing an order for spousal support. In some cases, we might be able to get you temporary support even if the court ultimately denies you permanent support. This could be enough to aid you in starting over after your marriage ends.

If you think that your ex has hidden income or hasn’t been forthcoming in the information submitted to the court, we can investigate his or her financial situation. We will do all we can to help you get all of the assistance that you need.

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