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Do I need an attorney even if we don’t have children?

It’s common for divorcing couples who don’t have children together to wonder if they really need legal representation. The answer is always yes. While these situations may be a bit more cut and dried than those involving child support or ongoing custody battles, protecting your financial interests is just as important.

Property division and alimony are the two main aspects of a divorce that does not involve children, and a family law attorney can be an extremely helpful resource to have in your corner on both of these issues. While some couples may only need to decide who keeps the house and how savings and debts will be divided, others may need to deal with more complicated aspects of property division, such as retirement accounts, business income and hidden assets.

Alimony is an often misunderstood aspect of family law, and it’s common for people not to be completely sure whether they are entitled to alimony payments or how much they may be able to get. Understanding how Texas deals with alimony ensures that you go into the divorce settlement process or a trial with as much information as possible.

The first step to any divorce, whether there are children involved or not, is to discuss the particulars of your case with a family law attorney familiar with the Texas Family Code and your county’s family courts. Once you have discussed your situation with your attorney, you can be aware of the paperwork and documentation you will need, how long the divorce process is likely to take and what to expect from the courts.

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