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Can someone convicted of domestic violence own a gun?

For those accused of domestic violence, the possibility of jail time is often the penalty at the forefront of their minds. However, a domestic violence conviction can impact various other aspects of their lives. From not being allowed to work with children, the elderly or any other at-risk population to not being able to own a gun, there are many potential consequences that many people may not be aware of but should be.

Federal law prohibits any person convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor from ever buying, owning or using a gun. This includes guns for hunting or other sporting purposes or in situations where a gun is required for the person’s job, such as for those working in law enforcement or or military personnel.

It is also possible for someone who has not yet been convicted of domestic violence but is currently the subject of a protective order to also qualify for the ban. The person would not be able to buy, own or use a gun even if there is never a domestic violence conviction until the protective order expires or is nullified by a judge.

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are many and can have a long-ranging effect on the rest of the offender’s life. However, even being found not guilty of domestic violence or cases of false accusations can have a serious repercussions on the accused’s personal and professional life. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or are a victim seeking a protective order, talking with a domestic violence attorney is the first step to getting help.

Source: FindLaw, “The Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban,” accessed April 05, 2016

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