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The role of the life care planner in a serious injury case

The victim of a life-changing injury faces daunting physical, financial and emotional challenges. The victim’s family must also bear a heavy burden, as they care for their loved one. How can they be assured that they will get all of the medical services, financial help and personal services they need to care for the needs of their injured family member?

The answer is a life care planner. In cases involving very serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis and severe burns, a skilled personal injury attorney will typically ask a life care planner to join the legal team. This medical professional planner plays an indispensable role in complex injury cases.

What does a life care planner do?

It’s fairly easy to make an accurate assessment of past and current medical expenses and lost income. But projecting future medical costs can be very challenging. Inflation must be taken into consideration. As the accident victim grows older, he or she may face additional medical, psychological, and life challenges. And what about any unexpected needs that may arise? In these types of issues, a life care planner can truly make a difference in a personal injury case.

As part of the legal effort, the life care planner will make a complete assessment of the patient’s current situation and future needs. First, the life care planner will speak with medical experts to determine the full extent of the person’s future health care needs. The life care planner will sit down with the accident victim and family, to identify all of the personal services they will need. The life care planner will then create a report that lists all of the medical care, rehabilitation services, and personal services that accident victim and family will need for the remainder of the injured person’s life.

This outline of care and services will be detailed and comprehensive. For example, in a case involving a paralyzing spinal cord injury, the life care plan may specify the need for alterations to the home or a wheelchair-compatible van to accommodate the needs of the injured person. It may specify the need for psychological counseling for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. The plan may call for vocational rehabilitation counseling, home health care services, the continuation of prescription medications, or other needs. The costs of these needed services will be included in the compensation demand presented by your lawyer.

Recovering from a devastating injury is not easy. A life care plan can make that recovery less challenging than it otherwise might be. If you or a loved one has suffered a life-changing injury, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you obtain the compensation, medical care and services you need to rebuild your life.

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