What Constitutes An “Easy” Divorce?

Know that an uncontested divorce and online divorce are two very different things

Not everyone’s divorce is difficult: Some couples decide to split on amicable terms, paving the way for a very easy divorce that doesn’t involve a trial (in other words, an “uncontested” divorce). Uncontested divorces – where spouses reach decisions as to key terms such as division of property and debt, child custody, and child/spousal support payments –are often quicker and less expensive because they do not go to trial.

If this sounds appealing to you, you will want to ensure that you work with an attorney who values staying out of litigation, educating you on what to expect during divorce proceedings, and helps the process move smoothly and somewhat cooperatively, while also making sure that your interests and rights are protected. Couples seeking an easy divorce will often reach an agreement (or settlement) on the terms of the divorce. Settlements are important because both parties have agreed to their terms, and therefore won’t be appealing the settlement at a later date.

Uncontested Divorces Tend to Be The “Easiest”

In an uncontested divorce, neither spouse objects to the divorce and the court does not need to get involved when it comes to property division, alimony payments, or child custody or support. Uncontested divorces are often very popular because they are typically the easiest option available. Still, it is wise to work with a divorce attorney in order to ensure that you are still protected and do not sacrifice anything that is important to you, such as time with your children.

Online Divorces Should Be Avoided

It is also important to note that an “easy” divorce is not the same as a divorce that uses an online form. Online divorce forms tend to be one-size-fits-all templates, and thus, when couples rely on them, there is no way to ensure that their divorce agreement properly complies with state law and covers what they need it to cover. As a result, there can be court battles fighting over important terms at later dates.

Even if you live in a no-fault state, there are mistakes that can come back to haunt you when you try to handle your own divorce. This is especially important if one spouse is represented by an attorney. An online computer program cannot ensure that you are kept protected throughout the divorce
process. Divorces are far too complex for the untrained eye,
and the consequences can be devastating.

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