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Don’t Go Solo: Top 3 Reasons to Hire a DWI Lawyer

No matter how you slice it, DWIs are bad news. Drivers convicted of DWI, rightfully or otherwise, deal with huge setbacks that can throw their lives out of whack. 

If you are charged with a DWI, representing yourself is the last thing that you should ever do. 

To learn why you need the help of a DWI lawyer, consider these tips. 

1. A DWI Conviction Comes With a Huge Stigma

While the legal repercussions can be severe, the stigma that comes with getting a DWI is incredibly damaging as well. 

Since so many people each year get killed by drunk drivers, the average person rightfully holds some disdain for people that take other people’s lives in their hands so recklessly.

If you’re walking around with a DWI conviction on your background check, it can hurt when you’re applying for jobs, finding apartments to rent and taking out loans. 

No matter the reason you were charged, you deserve a fair day in court to plead your case. Representing yourself doesn’t give you the best shot. 


2. You Don’t Have the Legal Experience or Understanding to Defend Yourself Against DWI Charges


You should always leave serious legal matters to serious legal professionals. 

Bringing in a lawyer ensures that every detail is handled responsibly. They have years of case law to comb through that will help you get the representation you need. 

When you choose to represent yourself, you’ll have a huge learning curve with very little time to catch up. 


3. They Can Use Their Influence and Relationships to Get a Plea Bargain


Plea bargains are always much better than guilty convictions. In the case of DWI situations, a wet reckless plea downgrades the charge so that you don’t get locked up and pay lower fees. 

Since your attorney is skilled and has relationships with judges and prosecutors, they stand more of a chance of getting you the plea bargain that you need. 

With the right strategy, a quality DWI lawyer can even have your case thrown out altogether. 


Take the Time to Hire a Great DWI Lawyer


A DWI conviction can have serious negative implications. Representing yourself in these situations is never a good idea.The experienced DWI Defense attorneys at Scott M. Brown and Associates will get you the best outcome possible, from a plea bargain to reduced charges, or even getting your case dropped altogether.

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