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How Divorce Can Actually Benefit Children


How Divorce Can Actually Benefit Children

Some people feel compelled to stay in unhappy marriages “for the sake of the children.” They believe that their children will do better in life with both parents in the home, even if the marriage is failing. However, while this article is not intended to necessarily promote or encourage divorce, experts suggest that having parents divorce may be more beneficial for children than if the parents remain in a damaged marriage.

Happier Parents

Experts say that happier parents result in happier children. If a parent is miserable in a marriage, his or her parenting skills tend to suffer. Conversely, if a parent is happier, he or she can be a positive role model for the child and create a better parent-child relationship.

Additionally, when a parent takes steps to end a failed relationship, the parent models positive behaviors for the child. The parent is showing the child that people need to respect themselves enough to make their own happiness a priority and not settle for a bad relationship.

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Reduced Conflict

When parents divorce there is less conflict in the house, which is better for children. Children are very perceptive regarding their parents’ moods and even when parents make an effort not to fight in front of their children, the children can pick up on the underlying strained atmosphere. Research has shown the negative effects of long-term exposure to conflict on children. Reducing the tension in the home by removing the fighting between the parents will result in less stress for the children.

Life Skills for the Child

Some experts state that the day-to-day tasks associated with having two households, such as after parents divorce, can actually help a child develop critical life skills. Children will develop time management, organizational and communication skills from having to do such things as keeping both parents informed about school activities, remembering which school books and supplies the child needs to have at which home and remembering which bus to take home from school.

Talk to a Lawyer

The impact of divorce on children is just one of many considerations people assess when they are thinking of divorce. If you are faced with a failing marriage, consult a qualified divorce attorney who can discuss your situation with you and advise you of your options.


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