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Charged With A Drug Crime? Avoid Jail And Conviction.

In Texas, there is wide recognition by criminal justice professionals of substance abuse problems in our state. There is also a general commitment to helping people with drug problems get the treatment, counseling and support that can help them overcome those problems. Accordingly, several programs have been established for this purpose. Commonly referred to as “drug court,” these programs can enable many people charged with drug crimes to avoid convictions and jail time.

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drug crimes obtain drug court outcomes. We work regularly with prosecutors, courts and program administrators to help our clients get the help they need to overcome their drug problems.

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Drug Courts In The Houston Area

Programs providing alternatives to jail and conviction in our area include:

STEP Program (Sobriety Through Education and Participation Drug Court) — This program in Brazoria County is aimed at helping people with acute drug or alcohol addiction who are on probation and have an honest commitment to beating their addiction.

Fort Bend County Misdemeanor Drug Court — This program is for people charged with marijuana possession, misdemeanor possession of other controlled substances or certain offenses related to substance abuse. The program lasts nine to 10 months and involves weekly office visits or court appearances and drug treatment. After successful completion of the program, the charge will be dismissed.

Fort Bend County Felony Drug Court (Closing Addiction’s Revolving Door —CARD — program) — This program is aimed at helping people with serious addiction problems obtain the drug treatment, counseling and other services that can help them overcome their substance abuse problems. It lasts between 12 and 18 months, and upon successful completion of the program, the drug charge is dismissed.

STAR Courts for second offenders — In Harris County, second-time drug offenders may be eligible for the STAR (Success Through Addiction Recovery) program. You receive intensive drug treatment and counseling over an 18-month period and are placed on deferred adjudication for four years. You must submit to periodic drug and alcohol testing. This program is for people with serious chemical dependency problems. Drug dealers, violent offenders and people charged with burglary are not eligible.

Deferred adjudication for first-time offenders — Some people may be eligible for a deferred adjudication outcome without the need to participate in a drug treatment program or be subjected to comprehensive supervision.

Our lawyers are committed to defending the rights and freedom of people charged with drug crimes. If you are eligible for a drug court or deferred adjudication program, we will work diligently to obtain that outcome for you.

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