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Money is often a source of conflict, and many people go into divorce assuming that spousal support will be included in the final divorce decree. Determining and arguing over the amount of spousal support (alimony) payments will be their only concern. This is not reality.

Spousal support payments are not a given in any divorce. The Texas family court will consider a list of factors before making a determination on spousal support. It is granted only to provide a spouse without sufficient means or property the necessities to maintain a reasonable lifestyle.

High net worth divorce cases are often impacted the most during spousal support negotiations, but middle-class families may also be affected. The counsel and representation of an experienced Texas family law attorney are absolutely crucial to ensure that your best interests and rights are advocated and protected throughout the process.

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How Do You Get Spousal Support In Texas?

We thoroughly examine each case we take on. In a comprehensive divorce case, we incorporate a strategy for or against spousal support that is prepared as if litigation were absolutely necessary from day one. We can represent and fight for your best interests under any circumstances.

Texas laws are in a near constant state of change regarding spousal support, which makes the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney all the more necessary. Payments are not guaranteed, but you should not dismiss them as out of the question. If the court determines they should be part of the divorce decree, your finances stand to be significantly impacted for years.

The court will consider:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Child support payments
  • Number of children
  • Separate and community property and debts
  • Marital misconduct (domestic/family violence and adultery)
  • Age of spouses
  • Education level of spouses
  • Employability and skills of spouses
  • Contributions to the marriage by each spouse
  • Special needs
  • Other factors

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