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Protecting Your Parental Rights

When parents or stepparents are charged with crimes, the Texas Department of Social Services may initiate a parallel investigation into the children’s safety in the home. Because of DSS investigations, parents face conflicting priorities. They have the right to remain silent in the criminal proceedings. However, they will be strongly pressured to give information to DSS investigators to keep custody of their children.The Angleton criminal defense attorneys at Scott M. Brown & Associates have over 20 years’ criminal law experience, including substantial work on behalf of clients with children. We are sensitive to the special issues presented in criminal proceedings against parents and stepparents.Attorney Scott M. Brown will focus on the criminal charges against you and coordinate your defense with the DSS investigation into your children’s safety. Mr. Brown will provide regular advice about how to respond — or not respond — to questions from DSS investigators. If asked, he can provide referrals to experienced probate and DSS lawyers in the Harris and Brazoria counties areas.In criminal cases against parents, attorney Scott M. Brown understands the importance of preserving his clients’ right against self-incrimination without negatively affecting clients’ paramount interest in not losing access to their children.

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If you are a parent or stepparent facing criminal charges involving domestic violence, assault, drunk driving with a child in the car or other criminal charges that raise questions about your children’s safety, seek legal advice as early as possible to protect your constitutional rights as a criminal defendant and as a parent.

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