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Galveston TX Aggravated Assault

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Any crime involving an act of violence involves potentially serious penalties and requires the skill of an experienced Galveston criminal defense lawyer. If you are facing charges of aggravated assault, you could be facing severe consequences, including a potentially lengthy prison sentence. At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we provide the tough, aggressive legal representation you need to protect your rights and your freedoms in these situations. The best defense begins early, immediately after arrest or as soon as the charges are filed.

Penalties for Aggravated Assault In Galveston

Assault charges may involve threats or actual acts of violence against another person or group of people. If you intentionally or inadvertently end up causing serious bodily harm to another as the result of an altercation or if there was a potentially deadly weapon involved, you could be facing charges of aggravated assault.

Under Section 22.02 of the Texas Criminal Code, a ‘deadly weapon’ is any item capable of causing potentially life threatening harm. This includes firearms, knives, brass knuckles, or similar types of instruments, as well as items found in or around your home. Examples are scissors, metal pipes, or chains, and sports equipment, such as baseball bats or golf clubs. In this type of crime, the weapon does not need to be used as part of the attack. You could face aggravated assault charges for simply having it on your person or threatening to use it against an individual.

Aggravated assault charges in Galveston involve serious penalties, which include fines up to $10,000 and up to 20 years imprisonment. These penalties are increased and could result in a life sentence if the attack was committed against any of the following:

  • A spouse, child, or other household member;
  • A civil servant or public official in the course of performing job duties;
  • A witness or anyone who reported a crime, when the assault is used for intimidation or retaliation;
  • Pedestrians or other motorists, when the assault occurred as a result of a drive by shooting.

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Experienced Legal Representation to Defend You Against Aggravated Assault Charges

If you are arrested or if a warrant is issued against you for aggravated assault charges in Galveston, your case will typically be prosecuted through the Galveston County Criminal court. It is important to contact our criminal trial lawyers as soon as possible so we can begin immediately working on a strong legal defense. Actions we may be able to take on your behalf include:

  • Arranging bond hearings, so you can be released from jail while you await trial;
  • Review of the circumstances surrounding your case with arresting officers and the prosecuting attorney
  • Disputing evidence and allegations against you at preliminary hearings, in an effort to get the charges reduced or dismissed;
  • Conducting investigations to gather key evidence and witness testimony as part of your defense;
  • Making convincing legal arguments on your behalf at trial and in front of a judge and jury.

The sooner you reach out to Scott M. Brown & Associates, the sooner we can begin building you a strong legal defense. Call or contact our Galveston office online today.

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