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Galveston Spousal Support

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When going through a divorce and adjusting to life after years of being married, learning to live without a spouse’s income can come as a shock. If you have been out of the workplace for years or make significantly less than your partner, your manner of living may be undergoing dramatic changes. In these situations, our Galveston spousal support lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates may be able to help. There are several circumstances under which you may be entitled to receive financial support or alimony from your spouse.

Helping You Get Spousal Support In Galveston

There are several ways you may able to receive spousal support in Texas to help you adjust to your change in financial circumstances, either during your divorce or in the years after. Through our Galveston spousal support lawyers, we may be able to negotiate agreements between you and your spouse as part of your divorce agreement, or you may be able to seek court ordered spousal support and maintenance payments on a temporary basis. Under the Texas Family Code (Section 8.051), there are four situations in which spousal support may be ordered:

  1. If you are unable to earn sufficient income due to a physical or mental disability;
  2. If you have been married for a period of ten years or more, and lack the education or training needed to provide enough income for your reasonable living expenses;
  3. If you have a child with a physical or emotional disability who requires substantial care and supervision, thus preventing you from earning a reasonable income;
  4. If your spouse has been convicted of domestic violence or received deferred adjudication for abuse that occurred during your marriage.

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Considerations In Receiving Spousal Support In Galveston

In requesting spousal support in Galveston, there are a variety of important issues to consider. These include:

  • Under provisions in the Texas Family Code, spousal support is only provided on a temporary basis. Generally, spousal maintenance payments end in ten years, upon your remarriage, or upon the death of your spouse.
  • Under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines, spousal support is generally considered as income, and is therefore subject to tax. As a result, you could face a hefty tax bill at year end.

To help you avoid complications, our Galveston spousal support lawyers can advise you on the steps needed in your particular case, which may include negotiating for lump sum payments or a larger overall marital property settlement.

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Getting the total amount of property, assets, and support you are entitled to in your divorce proceedings plays a major role in your ability to recover financially. To ensure your rights and interests are protected, reach out and contact Scott M. Brown & Associates to request a consultation with our Galveston spousal support lawyers today.

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