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Defending People Accused Of Human Trafficking

The state of Texas has taken an aggressive stance in catching and prosecuting those it suspects of bringing illegal immigrants into the country and other human trafficking activity. Law enforcement and prosecutors move quickly and decisively, bringing harsh sentencing and lengthy prison sentences.

If you have been charged with human trafficking or you think that you are under investigation for a related offense, it is critical that you have a skilled defense attorney on your side. These are complex criminal cases, and you need someone with the experience and abilities to aggressively fight to protect you.

Aggressive Defense Against Human Trafficking, Illegally Bringing Individuals Into the Country And Sex Trafficking

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we are experienced in defending individuals charged with all types of human trafficking, including allegations of trafficking immigrants into the United States illegally and putting individuals into servitude.

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As the state builds a case against you for human trafficking, it relies on a wide range of evidence, witness accounts and documentation. Our team quickly assesses the evidence the state has built its case upon and works to unravel the state’s arguments against you. We work with private investigators and experts to assemble our own evidence on your behalf.

Our lawyers create strategic defenses that will protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Often, human trafficking cases are built upon a number of charges that have been stacked against you. We will isolate charges and work to eliminate charges that you should not be facing.

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