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Legal disputes are common in League City, TX. No matter what they are, an attorney can help.

There are many situations that arise in life that require the help of an attorney. Maybe you are considering getting a divorce or have been falsely accused of a crime. Perhaps you have been in an accident that was the fault of someone else, and now you do not know how you are going to pay your medical bills. Whatever legal dispute you find yourself facing, a League City, TX attorney can help.

Family Law

When many people think of family law, they often think of divorce attorneys. While family lawyers do handle a number of divorce cases, there are many other aspects of family law. These include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adoption, obtaining protective orders, and more. If your family structure is changing, the chances are those changes are not legal, meaning they are not official, until they go through the family law system in Texas.

Family lawyers in League City, TX can also help individuals going through a divorce. These laws are complex and involve issues such as child custody, property division, and more. Individuals who hire an attorney before their divorce are much more likely to obtain a favorable settlement.

Need legal help in Texas?

Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Criminal Defense

Sometimes, people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. When that happens, they are soon facing charges for a crime they did not commit. This occurs often, as law enforcement and the prosecution are often overzealous when pursuing suspects. In their rush for a conviction, they try to make the facts fit their case, instead of allowing them to speak for themselves.

Other times, people make an innocent mistake, and then have to pay for it for the rest of their lives. For example, many would consider simple possession of marijuana a fairly minor offense. However, the penalties in League City, TX are extremely harsh and will leave the accused with a permanent criminal record if convicted.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, a League City, TX criminal defense attorney can help. An experienced lawyer understand the criminal laws in Texas and can build you a solid defense to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Personal Injury Law

Many people do not consider filing a personal injury lawsuit after they have been hurt in an accident that was the fault of someone else. Over time though, they find it difficult to pay for medical expenses and are unable to work, so they miss out on income at the same time. When they fall into this financial hardship, they then wish they had filed a lawsuit, but it is too late. Time has run out on their claim.

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, there is compensation available. It is important to file a claim as soon as possible after the accident, so you are not barred from receiving that compensation. A League City, TX personal injury attorney can help you do it.

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