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League City Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Passionate Lawyer in League City Providing Criminal Defense to Juveniles

The law doesn’t just apply to adults. Teens can also get in trouble with the law for various reasons. Those under the age of 18 commit hundreds of thousands of crimes each year.

Juvenile crime is on the decline, with 921,600 arrests made in 2015. This is 56 percent less than the number of arrests in 2006 and 10 percent less than 2014.

While juvenile crime is declining, the penalties can still be severe. A teen can face probation, juvenile hall, house arrest and even adult jail if the crime involved rape or murder. For less severe crimes, a teen may face a verbal warning, counseling, community service, electronic monitoring and fines.

Having a crime on your son’s or a daughter’s record can negatively affect your child. Many employers perform background checks on prospective employees and a crime committed even as a juvenile can have dire consequences. Colleges are looking for the best and brightest students, so a teen wishing to further his or her education may face some hurdles with a criminal record.

If your minor son or daughter is facing criminal charges, the League City juvenile crimes lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates can help. Let us help your teen through the legal process and provide a solid defense.

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Types of Juvenile Crime

Theft is the most common crime among juveniles. Theft accounted for 156,000 arrests of juveniles in 2015. Theft includes larceny such as shoplifting or stealing possessions such as bikes.

Vandalism is also common. This accounted for 41,700 cases in 2015. This includes graffiti, drawing on walls, slicing tires and keying cars.

Teens like to experiment, so substance use is common. Alcohol and drug offenses are common, particularly possession and consumption of alcohol. Marijuana use and possession are also common among teens. In fact, drug abuse violations accounted for more than 99,000 arrests in 2015.

Disorderly conduct is another crime that teens tend to commit often. This crime involves fighting in public, using inappropriate language toward a teacher and indecent exposure (such as exposing one’s butocks or breasts).

Assault and battery is another common juvenile offense. This includes pushing and shoving, such as what a teen would do to a parent or another student when there is a disagreement.

Even violations that happen at school can lead to legal trouble. Cheating, disrupting class, having excessive tardies and cutting class can result in punishment.

Has Your Child Committed a Crime?

Sometimes young people make mistakes, but when they break the law, it can have long-term consequences. With the right legal help, though, the effects of a minor’s arrest can be minimized. A teen’s future education and employment opportunities will not be jeopardized with a strong defense from your legal team.

The League City juvenile crimes lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates can protect your minor child’s future by providing him or her with a solid defense. We can provide rigorous representation and go to trial, if necessary. To learn more, contact us today at (281) 612-8241.

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