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Accidents happen all the time. People can get injured for a variety of reasons, which is why it’s imperative to stay vigilant. However, what happens if you get hurt while on someone else’s property? The fact is that the property owner has a responsibility to keep their environment safe, which is why any injury could potentially be grounds for a case. If you’ve been in that kind of an accident, a premises liability lawyer should be your next call.

What is Premises Liability?

This legal term refers to the culpability of a property owner if and when someone gets hurt on their premises. However, because it’s not always clear why the accident happened, it’s critical that you get legal representation to see if you have a case.

Although the details of premise liability can differ depending on local laws and regulations, the primary elements necessary for a case include-

  • Proof that the property was what caused the accident or personal injury
  • Evidence that the property owner was aware of the dangers, or should have been informed before the incident
  • Proof that the property owner’s negligence or inaction resulted in your injury

Because finding this type of proof can be time-consuming and tricky, having the right legal team by your side can make your life much easier.

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Types of Premise Liability Cases

To help you get a better understanding of what can constitute premise liability, here are some common incidents that may require legal representation for the injured party. If you’ve experienced any of these accidents, you will want to give us a call immediately to determine if the property owner is at fault and if you’re owed compensation.

  • Slip and Fall – a mess or spill that was not cleaned up by the property owner
  • Falling Objects – constructions sites, warehouses, or big box stores are an excellent example of this type of liability
  • Electrocution – any exposed wires that may lead to shock
  • Criminal Activity – insufficient security may lead to an increase in criminal behavior
  • Drowning – pools or water hazards that are not clearly marked or blocked off
  • Animal/Dog Attacks – if the property owner owns the animal
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals – these substances should be contained and quarantined to avoid any incidents

Who Can Make a Premises Liability Claim?

According to Texas common law, there are three types of people who can be on a property at any given time.

  • Invitee – as the name suggests, you have been invited by the property owner. Compared to other situations, the owner is most responsible for invitees because they were given express consent to be on the premises. Invitees must also be there for the mutual benefit of both parties, such as for business purposes.
  • Licensee – anyone who is invited onto the premises, but may not necessarily be there to conduct business. Guests in your home are a perfect example of a licensee. In this situation, the property owner should inform guests of any potential dangers, but is not obligated to correct them beforehand.
  • Trespasser – if you gain access to the property without the owner’s consent or knowledge, then proving culpability can be much harder. However, it’s illegal to harm trespassers intentionally, such as with “booby traps.”

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