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Vigorous Defense Of People Charged With Felonies

Protecting Your Rights, Defending Your Freedom

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves the strongest defense possible. We will aggressively defend your rights and freedom at every stage of the legal process.

Our firm will carefully review all the evidence in your case — using a private investigator to develop additional evidence when that will help your defense effort. Whenever possible, we will make aggressive use of motions to exclude evidence and testimony.

If possible, we will seek a dismissal of the charge. If that cannot be done, we will explain your legal options — including an acceptable plea to a lesser charge or contesting the charge at trial.

Scott M. Brown & Associates will leave no stone unturned in your defense. We will work to build a strong and successful defense of your rights and freedom.

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What is a Felony? 

Felonies in Texas carry severe punishments. It encompasses murder, rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated violence, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and fraud. The seriousness of the offense and the potential penalty determine the degree of a felony.

What are the Five Levels of Felony in Texas?

In Texas, the felony classification includes five levels:

  • Capital Felony: This is the most serious criminal category, designated for capital murder. Capital felonies can result in life without parole or the death sentence.
  • First-Degree Felony: First-degree felonies include aggravated robbery, sexual assault, and certain drug offenses. A conviction can result in a five-year, 99-year, or life sentence.
  • Second-Degree Felony: Manslaughter, certain drug possession, and sexual assault are second-degree crimes. Second-degree felonies carry prison sentences of two to 20 years.
  • Third-Degree Felony: Third-degree felonies include burglary, certain drug charges, and violence. Convictions can result in two-to-10-year jail sentences.
  • State Jail Felony: Theft, possession of a controlled substance, and repeat DWI fall under this category. State jail felony sentences range from 180 days to two years.

Expungements And Orders Of Nondisclosure

We also represent clients in other criminal law matters, including expungements and probation violations.

If your charge was dismissed, if you received a deferred adjudication or if you were found not guilty of a crime, it may be possible to obtain an expungement. This destroys all records concerning the event. If you were found guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, Class A misdemeanor or eligible felony and successfully completed a deferred adjudication probation, we can file a petition for an order of nondisclosure. When approved by a judge, this prevents people outside the criminal justice system from learning about your conviction.

How Can I File for a Defense in my Felony Case? 

Building a good defense for Texas felony charges is complicated. A skilled felony lawyer can help you navigate the legal process. Here are some general steps involved in filing for a defense in a felony case in Texas:

  • Consultation with an Attorney: Consult a reputable Texas felony lawyer first. This discussion will cover your charges, evidence, and legal options. The attorney will assess the prosecution’s case and explain your defenses.
  • Investigation: Your lawyer will investigate your case and gather proof. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, studying forensic evidence, or consulting experts to support your case. Understanding the facts and evidence is essential to a good defense.
  • Legal Strategy: Your attorney will create a defense plan using investigation data. This method may involve contesting evidence, witness reliability, alibi, self-defense, or mitigating considerations.
  • Pre-Trial Motions: Your counsel may make pre-trial motions to suppress evidence, drop charges, or request legal proceedings. These motions target constitutional infractions, procedural flaws, and prosecution weaknesses to bolster your defense.
  • Negotiation and Plea Bargaining: Your attorney may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. This may involve lowering charges, obtaining a lighter sentence, or investigating alternative sentencing options. Your attorney will advise you on the pros and cons of a plea bargain.
  • Trial: If your case goes to trial, your attorney will present your defense strategy, cross-examine witnesses, and defend your innocence. A professional felony lawyer will utilize their legal knowledge and persuasion to provide your strongest defense.

Experience and knowledge of Texas criminal law are needed to defend a felony. An experienced criminal lawyer can evaluate your case and provide the best defense approach.

Why Do I Need a Felony Lawyer in Angleton, TX?

Here are several reasons why you need a felony lawyer in Angleton, TX to navigate through this challenging situation:

  • Knows Felony Law: Felony charges entail complex legal concepts, procedures, and statutes that people without legal backgrounds may struggle to understand. A felony lawyer in Angleton, TX, may interpret the law, evaluate the evidence, and suggest defenses.
  • Protection of Your Rights: A felony attorney will defend your constitutional rights. They will defend your due process, fair treatment, and fair trial rights. They will also guarantee that law enforcement and prosecutors follow protocol and do not abuse your rights during investigations and proceedings.
  • Legal Representation and Advocacy: A felony lawyer will assist you throughout the legal process. They will argue your case eloquently to judges, prosecutors, and juries. They’ll question the prosecution’s evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and make compelling arguments for your defense.
  • Emotional Support and Guidance: Felony charges are emotionally draining. You need a felony lawyer to help you through the procedure. They will clarify the legal process, answer concerns, and reassure you during a stressful moment.

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you have been arrested for a felony crime, your freedom and your future are on the line. You need a strong and effective defense effort. At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we are experienced advocates who aggressively defend people in the criminal justice system of Brazoria County. We use our experience and knowledge to defend the rights and freedom of people accused of felony crimes such as:

  • Assault and battery
  • Weapons charges
  • Drug charges
  • Burglary, robbery and theft
  • Fraud and embezzlement
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • DWI
  • Intoxicated manslaughter and intoxicated assault
  • Murder
  • And other felony charges

Contact us to arrange for a consultation with our firm as soon as possible. A lawyer can discuss your legal options and possible defense strategies with you.

For immediate assistance about a criminal law matter or to speak with an attorney, contact Scott M. Brown & Associates today. We have offices in Angleton and Pearland, Texas, to serve you.

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