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Compensation For Victims Of Offshore Accidents

If you were injured in an offshore accident, whether on or off the job, you have rights that need to be protected. The laws that apply to injuries at sea are not the same as those that apply to accidents on land.

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If You Were Injured On The Job

In an ordinary workers’ compensation claim, you generally cannot sue your employer, even if your employer was negligent. This is not true if you work on a vessel.

If you are injured working on a vessel on navigable waters, you are covered by a
special law known as the Jones Act. This law places special responsibilities on employers to provide a safe working environment on vessels. Vessels include boats of all sizes and certain types of movable oil rig platforms.

The Jones Act allows you to recover full compensation for everything you have lost in an accident, including full wage replacement, and damages for pain and suffering. However, you must prove that your employer was negligent. Our lawyers can collect and preserve the evidence we need to prove your case and maximize your recovery.

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If You Were Injured While Boating

Proving negligence in a boating accident can be more difficult than in an accident that occurs on land. As soon as you contact our attorneys, we will take steps to gather evidence such as witness statements and damage to boats.

Boat accidents are often caused by negligence such as inexperienced operators, excessive speed, boating while intoxicated, failure to yield, equipment failure and boating during low visibility conditions. After reviewing the evidence, our lawyers will build the strongest possible case of negligence against the person who caused your injury.

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