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Charged With Online Solicitation Of A Minor? Get Legal Help Today.

When charges are filed, an extensive law enforcement investigation has often preceded them. You need experienced, committed legal protection and representation as soon as possible. When our law firm is called in the early stages of an investigation, we may be able to prevent charges from being filed, and we will be able to protect your reputation and legal rights to the fullest extent possible. Your reputation, job, family life, freedom and standing in the community are immediately under threat once charges of online solicitation of a minor are filed.

If you or a loved one has been charged or accused, you are likely confused, dismayed and/or angry. Our law firm can help you now. Our lawyers in the Houston area are familiar with online solicitation of a minor and other sex crime charges. We take immediate action, and we place the full resources of our firm into your case.

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Defending Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

Many cases involve misunderstandings and online entrapment. Law enforcement officers have been known to pose as minors online, enticing and luring adults into committing crimes, which is not entirely legal. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to know anyone’s legal age through chat or social media on the Internet. Whether you have been charged relating to activity in chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Kik, Glide or other messaging service, we can help you protect your reputation and defend your rights decisively.

Depending on your specific circumstances, there might be several possible defense strategies relevant to your case. Speak with an experienced attorney whether you are currently under investigation or have been charged with criminal offenses.

Consequences Of Conviction In Texas

  • Jail or prison time
  • Social ostracization
  • Job loss
  • Probation
  • Sex offender registration, resulting:
    • Work and living restrictions
    • Discrimination and harassment in the community

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