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Pearland, TX Premises Liability Lawyer

A Premises Liability Lawyer can Help You Recover Compensation After an Accident on Another’s Property

When a person is involved in an accident and suffers an injury, it is not always on their own property. In fact, often the opposite is true: The injury occurs on the property of another, and often times due to a hazardous condition upon that property. At the law offices of Scott M. Brown & Associates, our Pearland, TX premises liability lawyers can help you understand your rights if you have been injured on another’s property.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a legal theory that holds property owners liable for injuries to others that occur on their properties when:

  • The injury was caused as the result of a dangerous condition;
  • The property owner knew or should have known of the condition; and
  • The property owner failed to remedy the condition within the appropriate amount of time, or provide adequate warning of the condition.

The above duty of care–to remedy known hazards on a property within a reasonable amount of time or provide warning of those hazards while remedy is being pursued–is owed to all those who enter a property legally. Property owners owe no duty of care to trespassers other than to refrain from causing willful and wanton harm.

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Types of Premises Liability Cases We Handle in Pearland

Our lawyers have years of experience representing clients as they navigate various types of premises liability case types. Our premises liability practice areas include:

  • Dog bites;
  • Slip and falls;
  • Falls from heights;
  • Swimming pool accidents;
  • Amusement park injuries;
  • Retail and grocery store incidents;
  • Exposure to toxic fumes/chemicals; and
  • Negligent security-related accidents.

If you have been harmed in an accident on another’s property that you do not see listed above, reach out to us directly for a consultation.

How to Bring Forth a Premises Liability Case

If you are involved in an accident on another’s property and suffer injuries, whether that accident occurred on the property of a friend, a private homeowner, public lands, or on commercial property, you may have a premises liability claim for damages. The first things that you should do after your injury include:

  • Report the injury to the property owner;
  • Obtain a written record of the report;
  • Seek medical care and document injuries;
  • Obtain the property owner’s insurance information; and
  • Collect relevant evidence, including names of anyone who saw the accident, of photographs of the dangerous condition.

Then, we recommend that you proceed by calling an experienced Pearland, TX premises liability lawyer who knows how to investigate your case and evaluate the extent of damages you have suffered, both economic and noneconomic.

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