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Slips and falls seem funny when they happen to someone else. But when you’re the victim, such an incident is no laughing matter. A fall can cause broken bones, back and neck injuries, brain trauma and even death.

Slips and falls are a type of injury known as premises liability. This is because slips and falls often happen on another person’s premises, and this person is often held responsible for injuries and other damages caused by the accident.

Falls can happen in a variety of ways. They may be caused by wet floors, grease, debris, poor lighting, uneven surfaces, defective floors and lack of hazard identification. Slips and falls can happen in a grocery store, restaurant or a workplace. They might happen outside on a sidewalk or on stairs. They might even happen in your own home. However, with proper maintenance and communication, slips and falls can be prevented.

Proving Fault

A slip and fall is not always the fault of the property or business owner. Liability depends on the actions of the business owner. Did the business owner take quick action to clean up the floor? Was the customer negligent by not following wet floor signs or avoiding the debris?

In order to file a claim, there must be evidence of negligence. Many accidents are just that—accidents. Sometimes victims are responsible for their own accidents because they are distracted or careless. In these cases, a victim cannot recover compensation for their injuries.

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Elements of a Slip and Fall

In order to prove fault and file a personal injury claim, there are several elements that must be met:

  • The owner created the unsafe condition.

  • The owner knew the condition existed.

  • The condition existed for a long enough period of time that the owner should have known about it.

  • The owner failed to remedy the situation.

  • Another person was injured by the unsafe condition.

  • The person suffered damages.

The third bullet is not clear cut because it dictates that the owner “should have known” about the condition. This is not specific, but it implies common sense. If a dangerous condition, for example, lasted for several hours or longer, and a customer slipped and fell, the business would be held liable. However, if a customer spilled milk and then immediately slipped in the puddle, the business owner would not have been able to clean up the spill in time. Plus, the customer would have been negligent by not taking extra precautions to avoid slipping and falling.

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A slip and fall or other serious accident can affect your life in many ways. You may be dealing with medical bills on top of serious injuries. You may be unable to return to work or perform daily activities.

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