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Divorce is a process that warrants guidance from an experienced professional. Whether you are planning for a contested or uncontested divorce, it is important to speak with a divorce lawyer. There are a multitude of consequential factors that can impact the rest of your life, affecting your finances, assets, custody of your children and parental rights.

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Our family law attorneys can help you understand your rights and legal options and help you navigate the divorce process in Texas. We will discuss how to protect your children and how to build a strong case. A knowledgeable and resourceful family law attorney is critical to your best possible outcome.

We will help you get organized and plan your strategy. We will help you focus on the positive aspects of your case, not just the points of contention that you may have with your spouse. The court often looks favorably on solutions-oriented strategies in the quest for positive outcomes.

Our approach to planning for your divorce case is comprehensive, offering complete preparation assistance through every aspect of divorce, including:

  • Child custodyWe help our clients document daily activities with children and contributions to their children’s quality of life. Increasingly, text messages, social media posts and emails are becoming factors in custody cases. We help secure tangible evidence and protect children’s best interests. We account for paternity, visitation agreements, child support, parental rights and potential modification orders.
  • Child supportDo not just rely on state guidelines to provide you with the best child support agreement. Nothing is guaranteed in divorce. Your children and your finances deserve experienced legal advocacy.
  • Alimony/spousal supportWe plan for alimony payments from day one. While never a guarantee, not preparing for a challenge involving such a contentious issue would be unwise. Spousal support can be a significant positive or negative impact on your finances.
  • Property divisionTexas is a community property state. In calculating property settlements, we account for child support, alimony, business assets, the value of the marital home, mortgages, tax consequences of transactions and ownership, all debts and liabilities, and the joint or separate classifications of each asset.
  • Business divisionFamily businesses and professional practices must be accurately valued. Our firm considers not only the value of assets, but also the earning power of business owners and professionals.
  • Retirement planningDid you know that each spouse has a community interest in IRA, 401(k) and pension plans? You may need a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to limit tax consequences and penalties that would result from a payout or split of the plan’s funds.
  • Tax planningChild support, custody, alimony asset division, homeownership, business ownership and other aspects of the final divorce decree will impact your tax planning. What steps are best in your unique situation?

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Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

No divorce plan is exactly the same, and it can change as the process progresses. Working with a skilled and resourceful legal professional can ensure that your plan remains flexible yet focused. Planning ahead makes a world of difference.

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