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Protecting Your Rights And Retirement Assets

Next to the home, retirement accounts and pensions are the second largest investment for many couples. During the divorce process, it is essential to have a skilled attorney on your side to protect those valuable assets.

At Scott M. Brown and Associates, we have extensive experience in the division of 401(k), IRA and pension accounts in divorce. We are particularly attentive regarding the tax implications if these or other offsetting assets must be sold for the purpose of a divorce settlement. Our attorneys will work hard to protect your assets during the property division process.

To learn more about retirement assets and divorce, contact Scott M. Brown & Associates to schedule a consultation.

Pearland Pension Plan Division Lawyer

Even when the funds in an IRA, 401(k) or defined benefit pension plan have been earned solely by one spouse, the other spouse has a community interest in those funds. Our attorneys understand the many complex legal, financial and tax issues inherent in the division of retirement assets, and we will work diligently to protect your rights during the divorce process. This can include obtaining a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) that can enable you to split a defined benefit plan (pension) or a defined contribution plan (401(k) or IRA).

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Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Are You Staying Married, But Need To Tap Into Your Retirement Accounts?

If you are thinking about dipping into your IRA or 401(k) for some purpose, such as funding a business startup, you may wish to consider getting a postnuptial agreement. This agreement can spell out the rights of the other spouse should a divorce occur in the future. Our attorneys can draft an agreement for a reasonable fee.

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