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Types of Car Accidents

Although a car accident can happen at any time, some types of crashes are more common than others.

Houston has the worst roads in the country, and the rest of Texas does not fare much better. Of all the crashes that occur, there are some types of car accidents that are more common than others. Some people think certain types of crashes, such as rear-end accidents, are minor, but any accident can result in severe injuries. If you have been hurt in a crash, no matter the type, it is important that you speak to a Houston personal injury lawyer who can help you claim compensation.

Rear-End Accidents

These crashes occur when the front end of one vehicle crashes into the back end of another. Many people think that in these cases, the vehicle behind is always to blame, but that is not always the case. Both drivers can be found at fault under Texas’ comparative fault law, or the driver in the front can actually hold all of the blame.

T-Bone Accidents

Also called side-impact crashes, these accidents occur when one car slams into the side of another. These accidents are extremely dangerous, as there is not a lot of room between the crushed door and the driver or passenger inside, depending on which side the other driver slammed into. These crashes usually happen at intersections, or when a driver is pulling out of a driveway.

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Head-On Collisions

Another extremely dangerous type of accident, these occur when the front of two vehicles slam into each other. Many of these happen as a result of motorists driving under the influence, and they often happen late at night.

Side-swipe Accidents

Although these crashes have minimal impact, the effect of them can be substantial. Sideswipe crashes often change the direction of the entire vehicle, which runs the vehicle right off the road or into the path of another vehicle.

Hit and Runs

These are the most frustrating types of accidents. Of course, in a hit and run crash, one driver hits another and then leaves the scene of the accident. In these cases, accident victims may still be able to claim compensation, but it is essential that they speak to an attorney that can help. There are also phantom car accidents, which is essentially a hit and run when the driver that caused the accident did not know that they caused a crash.

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