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Types of Compensation In A Personal Injury Case

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive when discussing accident cases with our clients is: “What is my claim worth”?

While we can provide guidelines in general terms in the early stage of a case, we always reply by saying that there is no quick and easy answer. This answer requires a careful research and analysis that is carried out during the legal process.

You can be assured, however, that we will do everything we can to obtain maximum compensation for you.

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Personal Injury Compensation

Some of the types of compensation that could be available in a personal injury or wrongful death case include the following:

Medical expenses — We will make a comprehensive list of all of your past, current and future needs for inclusion in your claim. This could include the costs of emergency care, periodic visits to the doctor, physical therapy, and ongoing medications or pain management therapy, as well as mileage or travel expenses for medical care.

Past and future income loss — In serious accident cases, this could be the largest item on this list. We will conduct a thorough analysis of this issue and seek full compensation for you. In some cases, we may use the services of an economist or actuarial specialist to determine the correct amount.

Long-term care and disability expenses — If you need intensive care in a residential facility or in your home because of a life-changing injury, we will seek compensation to pay for these and other needs.

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Vocational rehabilitation — If your injuries prevent you from returning to your current occupation, we can seek compensation designed to help you get re-employed in another occupation.

Noneconomic damages — These can include pain and suffering and emotional suffering. In a
fatal accident case, these could include loss of companionship, loss of society, loss of consortium, and others.

Punitive damages — In some cases, punitive damages may be assessed against the responsible party.

Property damage — We will review your auto insurance or property damage settlement to make sure that your insurance company has fairly compensated you. We may also seek compensation for property damage against other parties.

When calculating costs for projected services you will need such as future medical costs, we will adjust the figures to account for anticipated inflation.

We Take Cases On Contingency

Our firm performs its work in personal injury and wrongful death cases on contingency. This means that you will owe an attorney fee only if we obtain compensation for you.

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