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Why Is Talking To The Police A Bad Idea?


Why Is Talking To The Police A Bad Idea?

Do not talk to the police. Do not talk to law enforcement. Do not think you can talk your way out of the situation. What you say can too easily be taken out of context or misconstrued to be used against you. Do not talk to anyone until you have spoken with a criminal defense attorney who is skilled and experienced in handling sex crime cases. The punishment for being convicted for a sex crime could range from several years or life in prison to lifetime registration as a sex offender. Just the allegations themselves could ruin people’s marriages, careers, and cause them to be an outcast in their community.

Unfortunately, many innocent people could be falsely accused of such a heinous crime. It may be a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, spouse, neighbor, employee, or co-worker, etc. These charges may include, but are not limited to, rape, sexual assault, child pornography and online solicitation of a minor. A battle-tested criminal defense attorney experienced in handling sex crime cases will immediately begin preparing a vigorous defense on your behalf. This may include retaining experts such as psychologists, private investigators, computer forensic experts, mitigation experts, etc.

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Everything is on the line when faced with a sex crime charge, and you should not place your future and your life in the hands of an attorney who does not have experience in defending individuals against sex crime charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be ready and prepared to use every available tool possible in your defense and zealously advocate on your behalf. Whether that be convincing the prosecutors to dismiss the charges, negotiating the best plea deal possible, or, if necessary, taking your case to a jury trial to fight for your exoneration, immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before it is too late.




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