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Parental Relocation And Your Child Custody Agreements

Lives continue to change after a divorce. You can expect that either you or your ex-spouse may get a new job, enter into a new relationship or have family needs that require relocation. What happens, however, to your child custody agreement if someone needs to leave the state or the country?

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we know that parent-child relationships are the most important aspect of any child custody matter. We strive to foster positive relationships and keep families working collaboratively when possible to resolve issues and work out favorable parenting time agreements.

Some cases, however, such as those that involve parental relocation, can become adversarial. A significant move can dramatically change the amount of time a noncustodial parent gets to spend with his or her child. Whether you or your ex-spouse is moving, you can work with a lawyer at our firm to negotiate a favorable plan or assert your parental rights within the divorce decree.

Child Custody Modifications For Relocation

If you are planning to move, it is best to review and revise your child custody agreement. A proactive approach to custody modifications can prevent litigation later and help you work out an arrangement with your ex-spouse that meets everyone’s needs. Avoidance will likely leave you in violation of your divorce decree — something your ex can take serious legal action against.

Child Custody Enforcement For Relocation

If your former spouse has moved and is in violation of the child custody agreement, you will likely need legal counsel to enforce the agreement and protect your parental rights. Our firm can help you take action if your ex has wrongfully taken your child, prevented you from seeing your child or otherwise compromised your relationship with your child.

In the most serious cases, this may involve issues of international custody, parental abduction or family kidnapping.

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