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The breakup of a marriage is difficult and trying. While you are dealing with this emotional turmoil, though, you need to focus on your future. By taking assertive action to protect your rights, you can lay the groundwork for a better life for yourself and your children. At Scott M. Brown & Associates, our Angleton and Pearland divorce lawyers help our clients make the right decisions while guiding them through the divorce process. We are compassionate counselors who understand the uncertainty and frustrations our clients are experiencing. At the same time, we are strong advocates who stand up to protect our clients’ rights. Call the lawyers of Scott M. Brown & Associates at 979-849-8526 for a consultation. An attorney at our firm can review your situation and discuss your legal options.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Scott M. Brown & Associates has successfully handled divorces of all types — ranging from relatively amicable divorces to contentious legal fights. Much of our practice involves high-conflict divorces involving complex property issues or child custody disputes. We represent clients in all aspects of the marital dissolution process:

Need legal help in Texas?

Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

We Will Stand Up For You

We know how hard it is to go through a major change in your life. In this time of uncertainty, you need sympathy and guidance. You may also need someone who can represent you in court with determination. After all, your future depends in many ways on the divorce settlement you eventually receive. Whether you feel abandoned, threatened, or if your needs are not being met, an experienced Pearland divorce attorney can provide you with a personalized solution. Our family law attorneys will handle all aspects of your case, so that you can focus on the future. We will be your strong advocate in the courtroom, fighting for your rights and interests every step of the way.

Complex Property Division Divorces

Scott M. Brown & Associates has successfully represented many clients in divorces involving high net worth marital estates and complex property issues. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to handle virtually any property issue that arises — including divorces involving the ownership of businesses, real estate and other property issues. A divorce can be emotionally and financially exhausting. In this time of turmoil, you will have the comfort of knowing that Scott M. Brown & Associates is doing everything possible to achieve your goals.

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For a consultation with an attorney at Scott M. Brown & Associates, contact our firm today. We have offices in Angleton, Pearland, League City, and Houston, Texas, to serve you.

The Divorce Process in Texas

Filing for divorce in Texas is not easy. The divorce process can be very complicated and require a great deal of time, effort, and money. Fortunately, our divorce lawyers in Angleton, TX will help you understand the process so that you are prepared for your divorce procedure.

How to File for Divorce in Texas

There are five basic steps to file a divorce in Texas.

  1. Prepare and file your divorce petition to the appropriate family court.
  2. Serve notice to your spouse. If you’re the one being served, file a response to the divorce petition.
  3. Go through discovery and divorce mediation, and plan for your divorce case.
  4. Negotiate property division, child custody arrangement, and other issues.
  5. Attend the final court hearing and have your final decree of divorce signed.

Remember that this is a simplified version of the process of divorce in Texas. In reality, some of these steps can take months to complete, and unexpected issues can arise at any time. That’s why it’s best to seek the help of a board-certified family lawyer and divorce attorney early on. Call us today at 979-849-8526 to speak with Angleton divorce lawyers who can assist in your contested and uncontested divorce case. More About the Divorce Process

Do I need an attorney to file a divorce?

In Texas, you can file for divorce on your own or with the help of an experienced lawyer. If you choose to file for divorce on your own, you should first check whether you meet the residency requirements and have legal grounds for divorce. After that, you must prepare all the necessary paperwork and documents and submit the petition to the court. While filing for divorce by yourself can save you money from attorney fees, a simple mistake can be costly down the road, especially for a contested divorce. Our trusted divorce law firm serving League City, Angleton, Pearland, and more areas in Texas can help you prepare your divorce petition, plan for your divorce proceeding, and negotiate the important aspects of your divorce case, including:

  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Child support
  • Custody arrangements
  • Parenting time and visitation
  • Property division

If you need help with a divorce issue, or just looking for assistance in your divorce procedure, our family law attorney and divorce lawyer in Angleton, TX is here to help. Call us today at 979-849-8526 to ensure that you get the best outcome for your divorce case. Find Out How a Divorce Attorney Can Help

Division of Property and Debt

One of the biggest issues in a divorce case is how to divide marital property and debt. Under Texas law, community property is divided equitably between the spouses, while separate property is not. Our Pearland family law attorneys can help you determine which property you can keep and which should be divided between you and your spouse.

What is community property?

Community property refers to all assets and property (including debts) acquired during the course of the marriage. This includes anything that was purchased while you were married, such as:


What is separate property?

Separate property refers to all assets and property (including debts) that is owned by or belongs to one spouse. This includes anything you can prove as separate property with clear and convincing evidence, such as:

Need help with marital property and asset division in Angleton, League City, Pearland, and more areas in Houston, Texas? Schedule a consultation by calling 979-849-8526 and discuss your divorce case with an experienced family law attorney in Texas and protect your assets today! More About Division of Property

Need legal help in Texas?

Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Alimony and Spousal Support

If there is a need for financial assistance, a Texas family court can order one spouse to provide spousal support or alimony to the other spouse. This can be used to help with day-to-day expenses (such as groceries and housing) and allow the other spouse to maintain the standard of living they had before the divorce. If you need legal help with spousal support negotiations, call our family law attorneys and divorce lawyer in Pearland, TX to ensure that your rights and best interests are advocated and protected throughout the divorce proceedings. More About Spousal Support

High Net Worth Divorce

Division of property can become much more complicated when it comes to high net worth divorce cases in League City and other areas in Texas. One of the main sources of conflict is the valuation and division of complex assets, such as:

  • Assets held in trust;
  • Businesses owned before the marriage;
  • Businesses started during the marriage;
  • Retirement accounts, such as 401(k), IRAs, pension funds, and more;
  • Vacation homes and other residential real estate property;
  • Real estate investment property; and
  • Other types of assets found in high-value marital estates.

Our experienced divorce attorneys in Angleton, Texas understand the legal, financial, and practical issues involved in high net worth divorce. That’s why we can call upon a network of business valuation specialists, accountants, and consultants to provide guidance on specific issues in your divorce case. If you wish to speak with our trusted Texas attorneys, call us today at 979-849-8526 to schedule a consultation. More About High Net Worth Divorce

Business Divorce

Divorce isn’t easy, but it becomes more difficult when it involves dividing business and practices. Whether you’re protecting a family business or valuing a business or professional practice, our business divorce lawyers in Angleton, TX are dedicated to helping families that own or operate businesses of all sizes navigate through these challenging times. If you wish to speak with our experienced divorce lawyer in Angleton TX, call us at 979-849-8526 to schedule a consultation today. More About Business Owner Divorce

How to Protect Your Assets in Divorce

Divorce can be a scary and stressful process when you’re at risk of losing everything you’ve worked for. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to protect your assets and property during the divorce process.

Distinguish community property from separate property.

According to Texas divorce and family law, anything bought or acquired during the marriage is community property. However, it can be difficult to determine whether an asset or property is considered marital property or not. Our skilled divorce lawyers in Angleton, TX can trace the source of your assets and property and help you determine whether it should be subject to property division or not.

Make sure your assets and property are properly valued.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your assets is to make sure that they are properly valued. If you are not able to value your assets, it will be difficult for the divorce attorneys of both parties to reach an agreement on how to divide it equitably. More About Protecting Your Assets

Need help with divorce in Texas?

If you’re considering divorce or legal separation in Texas, talk to a divorce attorney today.


Divorce is a complex process with complex solutions, but an experienced Texas divorce lawyer can guide you through with straightforward advice and competent representation in and out of the courtroom. At Scott M. Brown & Associates, our attorneys are accomplished, and they are leaders in the Houston family law arena. With years of combined experience, we take on challenging cases in Houston and surrounding areas, and we aggressively strive for favorable outcomes whether we are focused on protecting business assets in a property division matter, protecting the best interests of children in a contentious child custody case or taking steps to enforce court orders as effectively and efficiently as possible. We have found that informed clients make the best decisions for their families, themselves and their property. Educating our clients and listening to their needs and goals to best apply our skills and knowledge is critical to success. The following articles will help you understand how to prepare for the divorce process, and we will help you make the best, most informed decisions through every step of your case.

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