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Burn Injury

Burn Injury Attorneys in Pearland, TX

Burns are one of the worst injuries imaginable. Some are left permanently injured and unable to return to their normal lives. If you have suffered a burn, seek legal assistance from our skilled Pearland, TX burn injury attorneys at Scott M. Brown & Associates. We can help you get the compensation you deserve to slowly recover, along with helping you navigate and understand personal injury law. 

The nature of burn injuries and personal injuries can be quite complicated. This is why a seasoned burn injury lawyer is necessary. Insurance companies can always find ways to get you to settle for far less than you deserve. Our attorneys can fight for your case, negotiating for you to get your needed amount. 

Trusted Pearland, TX Burn Injury Attorneys 

If you or a loved one has gotten into an accident, been subjected to negligence, and suffered burn injuries, don’t wait. Remember that the state of Texas has a statute of limitations. You only have 2 years to file for compensation, so act quickly! Having a personal injury lawyer by your side can help smoothen the process.

Get in touch with burn injury attorneys from the Pearland law office of Scott M. Brown & Associates. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys can guide you through every step of the way and perform difficult negotiations with insurance companies who seek to lowball you. Our attorneys offer quality representation in a trial, should the need arise. Schedule an appointment with Scott M. Brown & Associates right now!

Why Do I Need Burn Injury Attorneys in Pearland, TX?

Burn injury attorneysGiven the expensive nature of personal injury cases, with the piling of medical bills and rehabilitation costs, it can be tempting to skip getting legal help from a personal injury attorney and just go with whatever settlement you can. After all, something is better than nothing, right? However, you might lose more than you save if you don’t know how much you should be getting. 

How exactly can a personal injury lawyer help you? 

  • Our burn injury lawyers can review your case from top to bottom.
  • We can reach a resolution as soon as possible.
  • We will negotiate with your insurers to get the best deal.
  • With hard evidence, we can fight for your case and take it to court should the need arise. 

Hire our burn injury lawyers from Scott M. Brown & Associates. The lawyers service Brazoria County, Harris County, Galveston County, and more, providing quality representation that’s personalized and suited for each client’s individual situation. Burn injury lawyers Pearland, TX is proud to have skilled negotiators who can ensure you get the deserve. Schedule a consultation with Pearland personal injury lawyers right now. 

What are Burn Injuries?

From the term itself, burn injuries are those sustained when the victim has been exposed to fire or flames. This type of personal injury case is usually the result of an accident such as a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or a truck accident. It CAN sometimes be classified as workplace negligence if it happens at your place of employment. Burn injuries are serious and, depending on the degree, can impact one’s life significantly. The worst cases can lead to wrongful death.

Given the severe nature of the burn victim’s injuries, they deserve to get compensated justly. Learn more about burn injuries and how our seasoned Pearland personal injury attorneys can help you get your life back on track. 

What are the Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries?

If you’ve ever encountered burn injuries, you know that there are different kinds and degrees of burns. The compensation you will receive depends largely on the degree of your injury. Enlist the assistance of Pearland, TX burn injury attorneys who can provide legal advice and help you get the compensation you need. 

The kinds of burns are as follows:

  • Thermal Burns: These burns are due to direct contact with the heat source, such as flames and steam.
  • Chemical Burns: Chemical burns occur when the skin comes into contact with corrosive substances. 
  • Electrical Burns: When there is direct contact with an electric current
  • Radiation Burns: Sunburn is the most typical form, but more severe radiation burns result from overexposure to radiation. 

Degrees are used to classify the level of burn injuries. Usually, the degree of the burn injury is proportional to the compensation you will receive. The degrees include:

  • First-degree Burn: Minimal skin damage without blistering.
  • Second-degree Burn: Presence of blisters with prominent skin damage.
  • Third-degree Burn: This severe burn results in widespread skin thickening. 

If you got burned due to another’s negligence, get in touch with Pearland, TX burn injury attorneys who can help you with your personal injury claims.

How Do I File for Burn Injury Claims in Pearland, TX?

If you are from Texas, be it Brazoria County or Bend County, take note that there is only a certain period that you can file your claims. Texas gives you two years after your accident to file a claim. This is why you must get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

You might be wondering what the value of the burn settlement is. Learn more about the factors involved discussed in detail below:

Time and Place of the Accident

Settlements depend on the where and the how of the incident. Both sides will negotiate on what they think the plaintiff deserves. As previously mentioned, burn injuries’ compensation depends largely on the damage suffered by the plaintiff and how bad the situation seems. 

Punitive Damages

The plaintiff could also receive punitive damages if there was gross negligence on the defendant’s end. These damages are awarded to mean that the defendant acted in a way that deserves punishment. As such, the amount of punitive damages varies. Ask our Pearland personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Pain and Suffering

Given the serious nature of these injuries, burns can leave victims with a disfigurement that leaves them emotional scarring. Since burns can affect one’s self-esteem, if the burn is on the face, the plaintiff can receive a much higher amount of pain and suffering. 

Call our Pearland Burn Injury Attorneys Now!

There is no denying the severity of burn injuries and how they impact the victim’s life overall, from experiencing difficulty in performing tasks to the depression and embarrassment the burn scars left. Overall, this serious personal injury case truly requires just compensation and to have the negligent party held liable. This can only be accomplished with the help of skilled burn injury attorneys from Pearland, TX.

Get in touch with Pearland, TX burn injury attorneys from Scott M. Brown & Associates. Attorneys from our reputable law firm can provide legal advice thanks to their legal expertise, determine liability, file paperwork, and represent you in your case. An attorney can also perform negotiations with insurance companies to ensure you don’t settle for less. Schedule an appointment with Pearland burn injury attorneys right now. 

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