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Best attorney around, kept my house and did not lose half of my 401K, Thanks Scott.

Bobby Stahl – Angleton, Texas

TJ represented me during a rough period in my life when I was charged with Assault and Motion to Revoke Probation from a previous DWI. Just when I thought all was hopeless TJ came to the rescue and negotiated a complete Dismissal of all charges including a complete end to the remaining 1 year of probation from the previous DWI in exchange for 1 month of alcohol rehabilitation! TJ’s expertise and skill in the courtroom not only resulted in the Complete dismissal of all charges but also led to the personal help that I needed during this period of my life and I am grateful for his services. I highly recommend TJ Roberts for anyone facing similar life situations. I couldn’t have asked for more!

C.S. – Angleton

Dealing with custody for my daughter has not been easy. I knew the process would not be an easy one. Once I contacted Scott M. Brown & Associates, this process became much easier and clearer to realize that the outcome can be a very positive one. The entire office, from the secretary to my personal attorney, has been very patient with me. I have been so impressed with the confidence portrayed as well as the reassurance that my case has been treated with the absolute respect and personal attention I wanted from the start. A Big Thank You to Scott M. Brown & Associates for the Tremendous services they provide.

Tim Salter

Scott Brown is a no worry Attorney, when he handled my divorce he was able to make both me and my Ex-husband happy.

Kristen Wenger

I hired Scott Brown back in April 2, 2010 after, I found out my daughter had passed away. My grandkids were in CPS custody due to my daughter’s action in living life, which was not suitable for her kids. She was murdered in April 2010 leaving behind an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. Scott Brown helped me to get the kids out-of-state custody and have legal rights to my grandkids during a difficult time in my life. The custody battle of my grandkids was granted to me with some exceptions. I have referred Scott Brown to other clients, which he was very successful to his clients. I truly recommend him for your legal issues. Scott is very down to earth and takes his cases and clients to his best interest for his clients. I still have him as my attorney helping me deal with a custody battle with my other grandchild, which has been a successful outcome so far. I recommend him to anyone for a family legal issue. Thanks Scott and Jamie for all your hard work.

Christina Dye

We first found this association about 6 months ago. From the first phone call till present we have been treated with respect. We were comforted in times of need and directed when we felt loss. I would definitely recommend this association to all of my family and friends.

Kimberly Kerlec

Hands down the best lawyer in town! My family will be forever grateful for all that Scott Brown has done for us. He listened, delivered, and defended the truth!!! With that came VICTORY! My daughter will have a brighter future thanks to him!! Thank you for helping us put this nightmare behind us!!

Jessica Delagarza – Lake Jackson, Texas

Whoever said that dads don’t have a chance of gaining full custody of their child/children obviously did not have Scott Brown as a lawyer. I am a dad who is a police officer and works shift work. Thanks to Scott M. Brown & Associates, I now have full custody of my son who can now live a safe and stable household. When my son’s mother and I divorced I asked my attorney at the time about gaining full custody of my son. I was told by that attorney, “courts will never give a dad full custody.” I heard so many times about dads not getting custody and with my shift work schedule, I felt hopeless that no matter how hard I tried I would never be able to give my son the safety and stability he deserves. A few years after my divorce, I was forced to make a decision and at least make an attempt to get full custody. I contacted Scott Brown who was completely honest and up front from the beginning. Scott fought for me but more importantly fought for my son. I now have full custody of my son and he is doing great. I cannot express my appreciation to Scott and his staff for all their help. If you are a parent and you feel the odds are stacked against you in gaining full custody of your child then do not let anything stand in your way. Scott will fight for you but more importantly he will fight for your child.

John Burmeier – Lake Jackson, Texas

I want to thank you for helping me win custody of my son. You were right on this not being a cookie cutter case. This was a must win case for the safety of my son. I appreciate all your help and professionalism in and out of the courtroom. Your team has been courteous and professional the whole duration. I now have my son and am greatly appreciative. Thank You.

Jonathan Lutz – Liverpool, TX

Having just gone through a long bitter divorce case, I found myself being charged with false allegations & with a summons to appear again in court with little over a week’s notice. I made the decision to call Mr. Scott Brown. And thanks to Mr. Brown, I made the correct call! During the court proceedings Scott Brown’s exquisite legal skills shined forth. His excellent listening skills enable him to take quick command in the courtroom as he aggressively subdued the aggressor. It was amazing to watch as he dismantled the false allegations one by one. And he did so with honesty & integrity. Scott’s professionalism coupled with his heartfelt concern he shows his client & family is an extremely rare commodity to find in today’s world! Thanks Scott! May God continue to bless you & your family!

Jason Peters – Ganado, Texas

Scott Brown, you are the best attorney in Brazoria County, bar none. I thought my life as I knew it was over, but your passion and aggressive representation in the courtroom were those of the masters. You were phenomenal. You are a legend in the making; a true Super Lawyer!!

  1. Simmons – West Columbia, Texas

I highly recommend Scott M. Brown for any cases you may have. From my past experience, he is very knowledgeable and concerned to the people that come to him for assistance.

M.J. – Angleton, Texas

Scott Brown, Thank you for saving my life! I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing legal counsel. You far exceeded my expectations and got me more from my divorce than I hoped for! You are truly a Powerhouse Attorney! My advice to anyone needing good legal representation would be to skip the rest and hire the best! Thank you Scott!

Paul Crosby – Drummer for Saliva

Scott has consistently proven to be an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and reliable attorney. He has a very “hands on” approach with all his clients as he make every effort to establish lasting relationships while simultaneously exceeding all expectations in regards to being your legal representation and council. It has been a pleasure to have had Scott Brown as my attorney and friend. I highly recommend him for his level of professionalism and legal expertise.

Cory Simpson, Angleton, Texas

Scott Brown represented us in a lawsuit, and his work resulted in a summary judgment, concluding the case in our favor without a trial. We are very pleased that his knowledge and work on our behalf got us through a difficult situation successfully.

Sherry Casterline, Houston, Texas

Attorney Scott Brown is a Powerhouse! I’ve got my kids back, my personal property back and I’ve got my life back! I would highly recommend Mr. Brown. He is a force to be reckoned with! Thank you so much Mr. Brown.

Sherry Suter, Pearland, Texas.

I wanted to tell you thank you for all your hard work in making this process for me as smooth as possible. I appreciate all the support you gave Melinda. She is a wonderful and hard working attorney as well as a breath of fresh air. From the moment she came back to meet me the first time without a complaint that she had to come to the office told me I made a good choice. Everyone should be fortunate to have Melinda and her staff on their team while going through a difficult process as such. Thank you again, have a beautiful day!!!!!

  1. Malagarie, Houston, TX.

I would personally like to thank you for your professionalism and compassion while handling my case. I couldn’t be happier with the services you provided me. You and your staff did a very impressive job regarding both of my cases. Your intelligence and deliberate effort made the outcome of my lawsuits more than I had anticipated. I will always come back to you for counsel if the need ever arises. You went above and beyond, were honest, and genuinely concerned. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel you deserve. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth, Angleton, TX.

Dear Mr. Brown, you are by far the best lawyer I have ever seen. You aggressively represented me in court against false allegations that I committed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. You had complete command in the courtroom and impressed the jury with your legal skills. If I had been convicted, I would have lost everything – my wife, my children, my business, my freedom – EVERYTHING My family and I cannot thank you enough. Words could never express how happy we are that we hired you to be my lawyer. I definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone that needs a good, tough lawyer.

Sami A., Houston, TX.

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for making it possible for me and my husband to get custody of our two grandchildren. They mean the world to us. I am very satisfied on how well you represented us and I would recommend you to anyone who is ever in the situation that we were in. Thank you from the Luna Family.

Elvia Luna, Clute, TX.

Thank you for handling my divorce so well. You uncovered and presented what my ex-husband was doing to commit fraud with community property. Without you, he would have gotten away with it. I admired your style of dealing with the judge, other lawyers and me. It was amiable and aggressive as it needed to be – very effective.

Lisa C. Miller, Houston, TX.

My husband and I really appreciate your straightforward thinking and immediate attention to detail. There has been no procrastination on our case such as we have experienced with other attorneys. Having known you while you were still in school, I was always impressed by your honesty and humbleness. Because of your outstanding work ethic, what could have been a difficult experience has become a short, month-long, stress-free adoption for us and our two newest children! We will gladly use you again for any further legal matter that may come up.

Kathryn Dickerson Willingham, DVM, Lake Jackson, TX.

Thank you so much for excellent legal services during my recent divorce proceedings. You and your staff provided outstanding assistance and expert advice resulting in a very satisfactory outcome to these proceedings, especially considering my ex-wife’s position on several important matters. First, as you recall, my ex-wife wanted to limit my contact with our young daughter. She wanted me to only have supervised visitation with our daughter and only when one of my children from a previous marriage, who lives with me full-time, was not home. This essentially would have given me very limited if any contact with our daughter. With your expert advice and guidance, we fought this unacceptable custody position and agreed to a social study. As you also recall, this social study was very supportive of my position and would have recommended giving me primary custody of our daughter if not for my work-related travel. The final outcome is that I have typical possession of our daughter in a joint custody arrangement without restrictions. This was the most important outcome of the divorce proceedings to me and now I, as well as my other children, have an excellent relationship with my daughter/our sister. Secondly, my ex-wife was asking for an inequitable split of net assets. She was essentially asking for about 80% of the net assets. Again, with your expert advice and guidance, we were able to negotiate this to nearly a 50/50 split of net assets. In conclusion, you and your staff came through under very difficult circumstances to deliver a fair and equitable settlement to my divorce. Our daughter, my children and I are forever grateful for your assistance in keeping our family relationships intact.

W.P., Richmond, TX.

A very down to earth, kind-hearted man, who seems to want to do the right thing regardless of what is seen as “legal’. What is legal is not always right by “the good book” and I think Scott would rather follow those guidelines in choosing his cases. Maybe I’m wrong but, I see a God-loving family in Scott’s family and I just know this must affect his “lawyering”. He looks at clients as human beings in an age where most people don’t even look each other in the eye when passing, much less how other lawyers view people as “what’s in it for them.”

Sonya L. Turner, Angleton, TX.

I would like to thank you for all your help in my divorce and child support case. I feel like you did the very best you could do and I also feel the advice you gave me was in my and my child’s best interest. You gave me advice on important matters such as the first right of refusal which I had no idea existed. Considering the circumstances, I think things worked out fine for all parties involved and most of all for my child. Once again, thanks.

David, Lake Jackson, TX.

I’m writing this one last letter because you have helped me through this hard time in my life and for that I am very grateful. Maybe in another time and place, I’ll be there to help you. Thank you for everything.

  1. H., Alvin, TX.

Thank you for your hard work with my divorce. I’m very satisfied with the results.

Jose, Houston, TX.

I wanted to take time to thank you for your efforts to change what was a potentially bad divorce situation into a more amicable result. I would like to say that your professional attitude and knowledge of family law worked for my best interest. I hold your staff in extremely high regard for being genuinely concerned in what questions I had and helped me in my times of need for answers or solutions. Your entire firm is one that a person would look for when seeking legal help. If you should ever run for judge, I feel confident that the position would be filled with someone who is fair and just. Someone I would definitely vote for.

Joseph F. Matheu, Alvin, TX

I, Michelle Reifel, am very pleased with the work you have done for me. Your professionalism and expertise in this situation helped tremendously in that I was very much at ease, with complete faith in your office. I will be happy to refer anyone in need to your office and I know that they too will be satisfied with your promptness, knowledge and conclusion.

Michelle Reifel, Brazoria, TX

Please accept my sincere appreciation for your valuable assistance during my difficult divorce. It was unnerving having to fire my first attorney. I’m glad I found you. You quickly assessed my situation, worked to overcome the past mistakes, gave me logical options, and consistently demonstrated in words and deeds that my best interests were foremost on your mind. May God bless you.

B.C., Lake Jackson, TX.

Thank you for your services on my case. I appreciate your professionalism and level of communication you exhibited while helping me in a difficult situation. I would recommend you to anyone who came into a similar situation.

P.B., Austin, TX.

You would be amazed at the number of people who have decided that they have no options or windows in their lives. That was me at one time until our paths crossed. Mr. Brown, you may not believe this, but I have never seen an attorney like you. You are trustworthy, dedicated, patient and most of all a good listener. Most lawyers are impatient; not you. I really feel comfortable with you and I really trust you. Will I hire you? Yes. Will I recommend you to friends and family? Yes. I would do so without hesitation. You truly have family values. In a divorce or any other case, I would want you on my side. You are the real deal! Thank you for everything. God Bless.

Jacquelyn W. Pereira, Lake Jackson, TX.

You have been a blessing to me in the past year. The divorce and then his death have been hard. I want you to know I really appreciate your help. Your staff is excellent! Especially Jamie. She is a jewel and goes out of her way to make things easier for me. She explained everything and even wrote sticky notes on the paperwork for me. She is a great asset to your office! Again thank you. I hope the next time I see you, it’s in the mall!

Doris Selena Blunck, Angleton, TX.

I am a father seeking custody of his two sons after years of being denied all parental rights. Scott Brown took on a custody case that other attorneys either turned down or requested an unreachable high-dollar retainer. Mr. Brown utilized the retainer in a cost-effective manner to win my temporary orders with final orders in process. Mr. Brown was very successful in gaining my award of temporary and final custody in a professional and cost-effective way, not to mention he made sure that I got the right to see and have my visitation with my sons from the start of the case. I highly recommend this attorney since he takes care of his clients with the utmost respect and dedication without the stereotype of other attorneys who are out to drain your pocketbook! I have recommended Scott to a family member whose outcome was extremely favorable with the award of custody, spousal support, and just about everything a person could be awarded! To this day I still recommend this law office. Scott M. Brown will always be our attorney in all legal procedures!

Jack Turner, Dickinson, TX.

I would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work that you have shown us during this time. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for all that you did. We can finally get our lives back to being more normal again. We can now move on knowing our grandson will be taken care of and have the chance that he deserves for a normal and productive life. I firmly believe that when you hire an attorney, you get what you pay for. It was money well spent and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. You were brilliant in court.

Kathy Moreno, Lake Jackson, TX.

Hiring Scott Brown has been the right choice for me and my two kids. Although I settled my custody suit, Scott got us 50/50 visitation and a reduction in child support. Now I am at an even keel with my ex-wife. I definitely would recommend Scott Brown as legal counsel to anyone.

Michael Bergeron, Pearland, TX.

Hurt, betrayed, lost. These are just a few words that describe what I was feeling last October. I was being traded in for a newer model… A good friend recommended Scott Brown to me as a possible attorney because he felt that Scott was a good attorney and a Godly man. I went in just to interview Scott and before leaving had signed a contract knowing I was in good hands. Scott proved to be everything my friend had said. Well…not quite… “Mighty good lawyer, defender, considerate and calming” (which I needed on a regular basis) would have better described him. And yes, Scott is a Godly man. One of my main goals was to walk away from my marriage knowing I had done all I could do to save it and to be honest and fair. Scott saw to it all (and got me a very nice settlement too). Tomorrow we sign the papers…and I can get up in the morning and every morning after that knowing my goal was accomplished. Thanks Scott!

Last, but not least, Scott has a wonderful staff who is very gracious and helpful, especially when he is in court on another case.

Mary Nell FranklinLake Jackson, TX.

There are no amount of words that can express my gratitude for what Scott and his staff (especially Jamie) have done for my son, me and my family. But, I would like to try and share some of it here so that others reading this who are either in my situation or close to someone who is, will know and truly understand that these are good and decent people who will do whatever it takes to help you during a difficult time.

Scott originally handled my divorce which had a standard equitable outcome. However, my ex-husband continued to choose a path of verbal and physical abuse toward our son, disregard the standard possession orders, secretly hide my son from me with the help of his live-in girlfriend and continually contribute to the failures of my son both academically and socially.

Scott followed the law and I was awarded Sole Managing Conservatorship of my son, along with monthly child support and health insurance reimbursement. Scott had my ex-husband’s original attorney disqualified and he had to hire new representation. In addition my ex-husband was ordered to reimburse all of Scott’s attorney expenses, and pay a $5000 bond for all counts of contempt. My ex-husband has no visitation with my son until all conditions are met. In the event that any conditions are not met, then my ex-husband will serve 179 consecutive days in the county jail.
But, the best part of this is that my son is back home with me and his stepdad and is able to see his brother and grandparents again.

With sincerest thanks,

Martha Auriemma (formerly Marshall), Alvin, Texas

If you are considering Mr. Brown to represent you, then you are making the best decision for yourself. I am 24 years old and I had gotten a DWI charge in Angleton, TX. My video wasn’t too bad. While in trial, Scott was my voice and he did such a good job. He questioned the cop who had arrested me and asked many questions about how the situation was handled. I know it was wrong and Scott did too and he made it clear and made a connection with the jury in seeing the flaws the cop had made. Note: this cop was a sergeant and teacher for a DWI class and procedures, so what does that show? It shows that Scott did his homework and a lot of it. He brought up stuff that I didn’t even know he was going to bring up. My court lasted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Scott fought every hour; even on his break he was still looking at notes and such. The outcome of the whole thing (“not guilty”) changed my life and gave me a new start. I am able to go back to school and to my new baby on the way. If Scott tells you “I feel good about this case”, then he really does mean it. Thank you Scott.

Stephen Ramirez, Angleton, TX.

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