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Non-Vehicle Liability Insurance

Nonvehicle Liability Insurance Attorneys in Pearland, TX

While some people can drive or have a driver’s license, not everyone owns a car. Some borrow a family member’s or a friend’s car or drive them on errands. Nonetheless, they are still privy to a car accident that might occur along the way, meaning they need insurance if something goes wrong. This is where nonvehicle liability insurance attorneys come in handy. 

Non-vehicle liability insurance or non-owner car insurance pertains to insurance made available for people that do not own a car if they get into a car accident that they are liable for. This kind of insurance covers any personal injury they might obtain from a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and the like should they be found at fault. Non-vehicle liability insurance is similar to bodily injury and property damage coverage for those with cars. 

Trusted Pearland, TX Nonvehicle Liability Insurance Attorneys

If you are an uninsured motorist who drives a vehicle that is not yours, you might still get into a traffic accident, requiring you to have insurance coverage. Enlisting the help of a non-vehicle liability insurance attorney from Pearland, Texas, can help make your struggle easier. A lawyer can help you smoothen out the details to ensure you get the right kind of coverage, along with helping you understand personal injury law. 

Schedule an appointment with Pearland, TX, nonvehicle liability insurance attorneys from Scott M. Brown & Associates. A lawyer can help review your personal injury case and offer quality representation, ensuring you get the right coverage even if you are liable. An attorney from a law firm can be your strongest advocate. Get in touch with nonvehicle liability insurance attorneys from Scott M. Brown & Associates right now!

Why do I need Non-Vehicle Liability Insurance Attorneys in TX?

nonvehicle liability insurance attorneysInsurance sounds complicated and can sometimes be expensive, which is why many opt not to get insurance. However, especially if you’re driving someone else’s vehicle, there is always a likely chance of getting into an auto accident. This can lead to grave injuries for those involved. Luckily, you are still entitled to some coverage, even if you are liable. 

Nonvehicle liability insurance attorneys from Pearland, TX law firm Scott M. Brown & Associates can help you with your liability insurance concerns. A lawyer from the law office can provide you with a competitive edge in your case, taking realistic and personalized steps to get a favorable outcome. An attorney with years of legal experience is one to have should your case escalate to litigation. 

Contact trusted nonvehicle liability insurance attorneys Pearland TX law firm Scott M. Brown & Associates houses for your liability insurance case. The attorney who services Brazoria County, Harris County, Galveston County, and Bend County can provide quality representation and legal advice when you need it the most. Schedule an appointment right now!


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What is Non-Vehicle Liability Insurance?

Non-vehicle liability insurance or non-owner car insurance is a kind of liability insurance made available for individuals who do not have a car but drive another person’s vehicle. This liability insurance functions like bodily injury and property damage that states require you to have if you have a car. 

Non-owner car insurance does not offer collision or comprehensive coverage, which is needed if you hit another car or a stationary object. Comprehensive insurance pertains to damage like a fire outside of a crash. Non-vehicle liability insurance also does not provide medical coverage. This is considered secondary coverage, meaning they pay claims only after the policy owner has paid the coverage limits. 

What Does Non-Owner Car Insurance Cover?

As mentioned, non-owner car insurance does not cover comprehensive or collision. This insurance policy also does not cover medical expenses for any catastrophic injury brought about by the accident. This policy varies from state to state. Non-owned car insurance also does not cover stolen cars. If you need more advice regarding non-owner liability insurance, get in touch with a non-vehicle liability insurance attorney from Pearland, TX, to ensure a smooth transaction.

Who Needs Non-Owner Liability Car Insurance?

Not every driver needs non-owner auto insurance, but it is recommended for those who often borrow cars but do not own one. Drivers who frequently rent cars and need liability protection beyond what the rental company offers also need non-vehicle liability insurance. Lastly, people who often rent vehicles but do not wish to purchase liability coverage could use this kind of liability insurance.

If you are a business owner requiring your employees to use personal vehicles for work-related activities, this kind of liability insurance is beneficial in case of any mishaps while driving. Remember that this kind of insurance is only valid for those who do not own a vehicle. Motorists who have their vehicles can benefit from different types of car insurance to cover any accidents. 

What is an SR-22 Insurance?

An SR22 is also known as a certificate of financial responsibility. It also goes by FR44, but it is a certification proving you meet the minimum auto liability coverage requirements. Some courts demand that drivers submit this certificate, typically under conditions such as:

  • Driving without insurance coverage
  • Convicted for DUI
  • At-fault accidents
  • Plenty of driving citations
  • Inability to pay child support
  • Hardship license due to suspension or revocation of driver’s license

The insurance company usually files the SR22 and adds the endorsement to the policy. Failure to comply results in suspension of driver’s license. For any concerns regarding liability insurance do’s and don’ts, get in touch with a non-vehicle liability insurance attorney to help smoothen matters out. 

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Even if you do not own the vehicle, you are still entitled to some kind of protection should things go awry. This is where non-vehicle liability insurance comes into play. This kind of liability insurance is ideal for those who do not own a vehicle but have permission to drive another one, ensuring that they are covered in times of accidents. While coverage inclusions vary, it is still worth noting that this kind of insurance is crucial for drivers to have.

If you have any concerns related to non-vehicle liability insurance, it is best to get in touch with a seasoned Pearland, TX, non-vehicle liability insurance attorney, who can guide you every step of the way. The concept of liability insurance can be complex, and having legal help by your side makes a significant difference. Contact a non-vehicle liability insurance attorney from Scott M. Brown & Associates law firm right now.

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