Overview of Sex Crime Defense

Defenses to Sex Crime Charges in Texas

Sex crime charges are not taken lightly anywhere, especially in Texas. If you have been convicted of sex crimes ranging from child sexual abuse to public lewdness to child pornography, you could face hefty penalties such as a lengthy prison sentence or fines. Nonetheless, you still deserve a chance to defend yourself, and learning about defense to sex crime charges in Texas is only possible with a criminal defense lawyer.

A person accused of a sex crime could find their life taking a turn for the worse. The mere mention of sex crimes can make the courtroom conclude that the individual was guilty indeed. For this situation, they must contact a sex crimes defense attorney from a reputable Texas law firm like Scott M. Brown & Associates.

Aggressive Defense to Sex Crimes in Texas

Sex crimes are treated seriously in Texas. The criminal justice system is ruthless to those found convicted of which, especially child sex offenders. Persons in Texas accused of sex crimes stand to face heavy penalties, including lengthy prison stays and a lifetime sex offender registration following the Texas penal code. If you need someone to help you with defenses to sex crime charges, a Texas sex crimes lawyer from Pearland, TX, law firm Scott M. Brown & Associates is your most formidable ally.

Call a skilled lawyer from our firm who can craft strong defenses to sex crimes in Texas. The criminal defense lawyer’s extensive knowledge in the practice area of criminal law, coupled with their years of experience, can be a valuable asset in ensuring that this case results favorably. Schedule an appointment with Scott M. Brown & Associates now!

Why Do I Need a Texas Sex Crimes Lawyer in Texas?

Texas law is known to be unforgiving towards sex offenders, as with any other law across the land. As the defendant, you still deserve to be heard and know your rights. Count on an experienced sex crimes lawyer from Pearland, TX, to help you understand the case and explain the penalties you face following the Texas penal code.

Apart from crafting a solid defense to a sex crimes charge such as continuous sexual abuse, a Texas sex crimes defense lawyer from law office Scott M. Brown & Associates is capable of providing the following services to their clients:

  • A competitive edge and complete dedication to your success. The firm’s lawyer employs a combination of knowledge and skill in any practice area to guarantee success in your case.
  • An extremely detail-oriented and methodical approach to your case. The sex crime lawyer scrutinizes every single aspect of the sex crimes case to develop winning strategies.
  • Services that are personalized and tailor-fit to your situation. The lawyer considers your circumstances and works on a case based on this.

When faced with a severe case such as sex crimes in Texas, do not wait for too long. Take action right now by enlisting one of the best in the business. Call Scott M. Brown & Associates’ skilled criminal defense lawyer for your case. With years of experience providing legal services to clients in the Pearland, Houston, Angleton, and League City areas, there is no doubt these lawyers are ready to help you. Schedule an appointment immediately!

What are Sex Crime Defenses?

Sex crimes have a wicked reputation in the legal world, as with any other crime, but a sex offense is often despicable and met with instant judgment. If you face sex crimes, know that it is not the end. If you have a great lawyer who is sharp in crafting defenses, you can still have a fighting shot. It is imperative to learn what the sex crime defenses are.

Defendants can use plenty of defenses when standing trial for a sex offense. However, this is accomplished best with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer from Texas law firm Scott M. Brown & Associates, who can review every element of the case and help you navigate the legal system.

What are the Common Sex Crime Defenses?

It is critical to understand the defense options your lawyer has for you for your sexual offense. The usual sex crime defenses used in court are as follows:


The most common or basic defense one uses, in this case, is a claim of innocence. They can argue that it was impossible to have committed the crime since they were at a different place when it happened. This is also known as presenting an alibi. To craft an effective defense, the defendant must present irrefutable evidence to prove that they were not present when the crime happened.

Defendants can also claim that victims have misidentified them. Like the alibi, there must also be solid evidence to support this claim. It falls on the prosecution to prove that a defendant is guilty. The jury should return an acquittal if the defendant can raise reasonable doubt.


The victim’s consent can be used to negate the sex crime charge. Sex assault involves coercion or lack of consent. If the defendant can demonstrate that it was indeed consensual sex, then it is a solid defense. Proving consent can be challenging since defendants cannot often provide direct evidence of consent without being subjected to cross-examination. Using a victim’s history is no longer applicable since it has soured in favor of the courts.

Insanity/Mental Incapacity

Defendants can sometimes use the mental incapacity defense to remove criminal liability. Depending on the state you are in, the treatment should vary. Most states are lenient towards offenders who show that their mental defect prevented them from comprehending the nature of their actions.

To know the best kind of defense suited for your situation, contact a sex crime lawyer who can help you throughout the entire process.

What are the Penalties for Sex Crimes?

Penalties for a sex crime conviction vary from state to state, but in general, here are some of the prevalent consequences one stands to face for sex crimes. Of course, jail or prison time is a given, but there are other things that they might be asked to do including:

Sex Offender Treatment

A court requires a sex offender to undergo treatment or therapy, much like those with addiction issues. Judge-ordered sex treatments are a common consequence for those convicted. Prisons also have sex treatment services for inmates.

Sex Offender Registration

Each state has a sex offender registration and notification program. This registry requires individuals convicted of sex crimes to register with law enforcement. Sex offender registry involves personal details such as name, address, and info regarding the crime, which are made available to the public. Failing to register counts as a crime.

Call our Texas Sex Crimes Attorney Now!

Sex crimes are serious issues that need to be faced head-on. There is no doubt that sex crimes are a pressing matter, be it child pornography, exposure of any sexual organ, child molestation, or aggravated sexual assault. Facing these charges can be scary since you might be unequipped with the defense to sex crime charges used in Texas.

However, know that enlisting the help of an experienced Texas sex crimes attorney can help. A criminal defense lawyer can craft strong defenses tailor-fit to your situation and help you get a better outcome. Schedule an appointment with Scott M. Brown & Associates now!

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