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Probation allows a person who committed a crime to stay out of jail. However, probation is not a free ride. Not everyone who commits a crime is given this opportunity, and there are often many conditions that must be met. When a person strays from any of these conditions, this is called a probation violation. A probation violation could lead to serious consequences, including jail time.

A person is often given probation to avoid jail time in the first place. If you have violated probation, you could be given a warning, forced to pay fines or given a jail sentence. Don’t let this happen to you. Count on the Pearland probation violations lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates to provide you with a solid defense.

What Does a Probation Officer Do?

If you have been given probation, you will have to report to a probation officer. Probation officers are responsible for those on probation. They supervise the person while he or she is released into the community and often meet to make sure the person understands the court orders.

A probation officer assesses the risks of the person on probation and warns them about terms and conditions that must be met. They will help the person access the services he or she needs.

Probation officers also administer drug and alcohol tests to ensure that the person stays clean and sober. They also visit the person’s home, helps them get their life back on track, and prepares reports and recommendations for the court.

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Typical Probation Terms and Conditions

Probation comes with mandatory and discretionary conditions that must be met. One of these conditions is that the person cannot commit any crimes while on probation. Any illegal activities can lead to strict punishment.

The person must also avoid alcohol and drugs and may be tested regularly to ensure he or she stays sober while on probation. The person must also pay restitution to victims and meet with the probation officer as required.

Under Texas law, a judge has broad discretion when determining punishment and restrictions for those on probation. The penalties are based on the individual and the crime and are meant to rehabilitate or punish the person.

Based on this, a judge may include numerous discretionary conditions, such as being gainfully employed, attending court-ordered programs, attend counseling, participate in DNA sampling and electronic monitoring, and avoid certain people and places.

If you have violated the terms of your probation, seek legal help right away. The Pearland probation violations lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates can defend you in court and help you understand your rights.

Have You Violated Probation?

Probation may not seem like a severe punishment, but it still needs to be taken seriously. Those who violate the conditions of their probation can face jail time and other forms of punishment.

If you have violated probation, you need a strong defense. The Pearland probation violations lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates can help you avoid jail time. Our attorneys will help you achieve a favorable outcome. To learn more, contact us today at (832) 956-1048.

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