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Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modifications Lawyer in Angleton, Texas

Do you want to modify how much child support you must pay? The economy has affected your family, and you need to modify the child support amount. Our Texas child support modifications lawyer at Scott M. Brown & Associates knows how to help you. Our field is child support modifications. Schedule an appointment with us today. We will fight for your fair share.

Why do I need a Child Support Modifications Lawyer in Texas?

 child support modifications lawyerEvery state has different laws regarding how child support can be modified. Since laws vary by state, hiring a lawyer familiar with the Texas Child Support Guidelines is vital. A Child Support Modifications Lawyer in  Scott M. Brown & Associates knows how to navigate the system and work within the Texas law.

When selecting a lawyer to assist you with modifying your child support order, there are many factors to consider. A good Child Support Modifications Lawyer in Texas will have the following qualities:

Has experience handling cases like yours.

With more than two decades of experience handling cases like yours, you can rest assured that Scott M. Brown & Associates will take care of you every step. They know what it takes to ensure that your child support is fair and reasonable by keeping up with the changes in laws and regulations related to child support. Our Texas family law attorneys have successfully handled various cases, including child custody, divorce, paternity, property division, alimony, and child support modification. Our team is skilled at handling all kinds of family disputes, including those concerning children.

Understands the local laws.

Child Support is a very complex and confusing area of the law. Texas has a maze of laws, rules, and regulations that govern child support. These laws and rules often change, many times without notice.  Whether you’re trying to modify visitation or income,  Scott M. Brown & Associates understands how things work in this state and get the desired results. To schedule a  with me, please call us.

Helps you understand and navigate your entire legal process.

You need an attorney with a successful family law practice who has dedicated his or her career to helping families through the complicated process of divorce and child custody issues.

If that’s what you need, look no further than Scott M. Brown & Associates. We have over 40 years of experience helping families like yours resolve their disputes and get on with their lives. Contact our office today 

Is available and responsive to your questions and concerns.

If you are seeking assistance from a child support modification lawyer in Texas, you want a legal professional who will be there for you when you need them. Scott M. Brown & Associates are available to help clients throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on being available and responsive to our client’s questions and concerns.

What are Child Support Modifications?

Child support is an amount of money that a non-custodial parent is required by a court to pay to cover a share of a child’s expenses, such as housing, food, clothing, education, and other things. Both parents are typically required to provide for their children in the same way, whether their marriage has ended or not, before, during, and after the divorce. 

However, there are considerable differences in how states decide and administer child support. Therefore, a family law lawyer in your state would be the best person to assist you with your request for a child support modification.

Why do Parents Request Child Support Modifications?

  1. Unemployment

If you lose your work, your finances could be thrown into confusion. You will suffer long-term consequences if you fall behind on child support payments since you must comply with a court order. Unpaid child support obligations can result in garnishing wages, tax refund collection, and possibly arrest. If you take unemployment insurance, the state will likely deduct child support from your payment, leaving you with little money for living needs.

Your change request will not necessarily be approved if you mention unemployment as a reason. A judge may demand that you continue your job search or take jobs outside your field. 

Even though the financial impact of unemployment is the primary basis for exploring modifying support, getting forced to take a lower-paying job may ultimately influence a judge to authorize a modification.

  1. Change of Income

Your income can fluctuate for numerous reasons, including:

  • Lack of employment opportunities
  • Employer’s closure of business
  • Cut in salary
  • Reduced working hours
  • Loss of customers (for self-employed people)
  • Reduced business income

As demonstrated by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, most of these changes in income can be unforeseen and beyond your control. When the decrease in your income appears potentially permanent, you may be eligible to have your child support reassessed.

You may recall that your income was the basis for your initial child support order. After determining your income, a family court may modify it based on expenses such as:

  • Housing
  • Parenting time
  • Childcare-related work expenses
  • Child medical bills
  • duties to support other children

A judge may make a fresh order if the revised calculation yields a figure significantly different from the initial support amount.

  1. Problems with Health or Disability

There are numerous ways in which a parent’s or child’s physical health might affect financial needs. A parent who is ill or newly disabled will no longer be able to:

  • Work as many hours as possible
  • Maintain a job at all
  • Provide physical care for a child.
  • Keep the same amount of parenting time.

Whenever a child becomes ill or disabled, parental responsibilities might grow significantly. The parent may be required to devote time previously spent earning a living to caring for the child. A parent may incur additional budget restrictions due to a child’s health care needs. This circumstance may encourage the custodial parent to request an increase in child support.

A family law attorney could assist a parent in explaining why the current child support decree has become outdated due to health concerns. A petition stating a health concern must include medical documents and maybe an occupational evaluation to prove changes in health and physical or mental capacities.

  1. Changing Child Needs

On the path to adulthood, children pass through numerous developmental stages, and their expenses can fluctuate for various reasons. For instance, after a kid outgrows the need for continual supervision, a child support order may no longer need to account for the cost of childcare.

In addition to health issues, a child’s financial requirements may increase .due to:

  • Intention to enroll in postsecondary education
  • Demand for transport
  • Acceptance of extracurricular programs
  • Changes in childcare

When assessing a cause connected to a child’s requirements, evaluate the extent of the resulting financial adjustment. A judge will not be interested in minor adjustments to expenses.

  1. Modification of Parenting Time Schedule

Since parenting time is a factor in calculating child support, a judge may grant your request. The readiness of the other parent to accept the adjustment in parenting time could also help your case.

Your child support obligation is affected by the length of time you spend providing direct care and lodging for your child(ren). Generally, a parent with rare parenting time, such as a few weekends per month, pays more support payments than a parent with children at home several days per week.

Over time, problems can occur that need co-parents to adjust their parenting time. You may need to devote extra time to parenting if:

  • The other parent’s work hours increase.
  • The other parent is overwhelmed with a health crisis.
  • Your child desires to live with you.
  • The other parental home becomes threatening.

The problem affecting your parenting time may result in child support modification. Your petition may also need to address your current child custody arrangement. When you desire a significant modification to child custody or child support, a child support lawyer may be able to shed light on your case.

The Effects of Child Support Enforcement on You

You must resolve this situation immediately if you are not paying or receiving court-ordered child support. Past-due child support can be recovered and garnished from your or your ex-spouse’s salary.

Child support enforcement in Texas is entrusted with creating a fair financial situation for the child involved. You should be aware of your rights and obligations under their standards. A family law attorney in Texas can guide you through the enforcement procedure while keeping your child’s best interests in mind.

When Modification of Child Custody is the Answer

In some situations, the most excellent solution for your children is to modify child custody. This could be true if:

  • The custodial parent cannot or will not assume the main responsibility for the child.
  • The custodial parent relocates out of state or abroad; or
  • The custodial parent has proved that he or she is not the ideal primary caregiver for the child.

This must be done through the court, and the previous child support decree must also be amended. Because altering custody orders is not easy, many parents require legal counsel when seeking a modification of child custody in Texas.

Call Our Angleton Child Support Modifications Lawyer Now!

The law is constantly changing; thus, keeping up with current events is crucial. If you are a parent and find that child support payments do not agree with a change in your financial situation, our Child Support Modifications Lawyer can help fight for the best outcome possible. 

Contact our office, and we will provide legal advice to understand your case better and determine the best way to proceed. We want you to work toward achieving all of your goals as quickly as possible. Call Scott M. Brown & Associates today for a consultation about child support modifications or visitation enforcement!

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