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Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

As a grandmother or grandfather, there is probably little else in the world that brings you the type of joy that your grandchildren do. And, if you are worried about the environment your grandchildren are living in or potential threats to their well-being, it probably weighs heavily on your mind. Our skilled Angleton and Pearland grandparents’ rights attorneys provide comprehensive legal support to grandparents. If you have valid concerns about your grandchildren’s care or living environment, we can inform you of your rights and options.At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we advocate for grandparents as well as the best interests of their grandchildren. We help grandparents obtain custody and visitation of their grandchildren.

Your Rights And Options As A Grandparent

For a grandparent to obtain court-ordered child custody and/or visitation, the court will want to see evidence that the child or children are living in an environment that endangers their physical health or emotional development. For example, if any of the following applies to the custodial parent, a grandparent may be able to obtain custody:

  • Drug use
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alleged child abuse, child neglect or sexual abuse
  • Incarceration
  • Being deemed “unfit”

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Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

As family law attorneys, we are familiar with these issues as they relate to divorce and nondivorce matters. For example, after a divorce when the children spend time at both parents’ homes, it may become apparent that one home is not fit for the children to live in. We also handle cases where the parents were never married.

While grandparents are limited in their rights, when there is a valid reason for the grandparents to seek custody or visitation, our lawyers provide the experienced legal help they need.

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