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If you have been charged criminally, your future is on the line. Your freedom, employment, reputation, and rights as a citizen may be greatly diminished if not outright taken away if you are convicted. No criminal charge is worth the risk of taking on criminal defense alone. The guidance, protection, and representation offered by an experienced criminal defense lawyer are critical. At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we aggressively defend people who have been charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Houston and the surrounding area. Our Pearland criminal defense attorneys will defend your rights vigorously. With our years of combined legal experience in Texas, your case will be defended with skill and precision.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pearland, Texas

Are you or a loved one dealing with criminal charges in Pearland, Texas? Don’t let a criminal record ruin your life! Being charged with a crime in Texas is something that you should take s seriously. You should act fast and seek the help of an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney right away. Law enforcers may use everything you say or do against you when you’re under investigation. Protect your rights by contacting a reliable criminal defense attorney from Scott M. Brown & Associates and get help with your criminal case today.

Aggressive and Personalized Criminal Defense in Texas

Facing criminal charges in Texas can be extremely overwhelming. You don’t have to face it alone. A seasoned criminal defense attorney knowledgeable with criminal law and of the local court processes can provide the best legal representation you need. 

Scott M. Brown & Associates’ aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyers can negotiate and defend your case. Our defense attorneys will carefully examine your case and provide the best solution that fits your needs.

Proactive Advocates In Your Defense

We represent clients accused and jailed on all types of criminal charges, including:

If you are being investigated or a loved one has been arrested, it is crucial that you speak with a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We can help your loved one get released on bond, negotiate to reduce the cost of a bond, and prepare your case for the best possible defense.

We will thoroughly investigate your case. Our investigations go above and beyond the police investigation. We will look for evidence that helps to defend your case. Police officers and prosecutors are only looking to convict you. We will work to mitigate the charges against you as much as possible and strive to get the charges dismissed.

Need legal help in Texas?

Be it family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury — our Texas family law attorneys are here to help. We are results-driven, and we work tirelessly for our clients.

Our Houston family law and divorce attorneys have been providing compassionate and personalized legal services in Texas. Scott M. Brown is a certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and other related offenses such as strangulation, interference with reporting a crime, and criminal confinement are often the results of a minor accident or a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, these charges can lead to a conviction, jail time, and the loss of the right to firearms. An aggressive approach is often required to reach a positive outcome. If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you must seek the legal help of a Pearland criminal defense attorney right away. 

Violation of a Restraining Order

Violation of a protective order can lead to severe consequences in Texas. While it is usually a misdemeanor on the first offense, other penalties and conditions are generally not imposed in misdemeanor cases in Texas. 

If you violated a restraining order, law enforcement could arrest you even without a warrant. A police officer can also arrest you if they have probable cause t believe that you threatened, assaulted, or went close to the person being protected by the restraining order. The arrest can be made based on physical evidence, witness statements, or even from your admission of the violation. 

If you’re charged with violating a restraining order, seek the help of an experienced attorney right away. Protect your freedom and avoid going to jail with the help of our law firm.

Child Abuse

Several types of conduct can be constituted as child abuse or neglect in Texas. These can include:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Putting the child in an emotionally, physically, or psychologically abusive situation
  • Neglecting the child’s needs such as medical care, food, clothing, and shelter
  • Failing to protect the child from the acts of another individual resulting in physical or sexual harm
  • Encouraging a child to engage in sexual activities
  • Allowing a child to use controlled substances

Being accused of child abuse doesn’t result in a criminal conviction. An experienced criminal defenses attorney can help you fight the allegation and avoid severe penalties and fines. Our law firm is here to help contest the child abuse allegations and provide you with the legal representation you need. 


In Texas, a simple assault is an act of intentionally inflicting injury on another person, which is considered a misdemeanor if small and swift, or touching someone else without their consent. 

Technically, an assault charge can occur without any violence taking place. If the other person feels like they’re in danger or something’s about to happen, then it’s considered assault.

Texas charges aggravated assault as a felony, punishable by jail time, fines, counseling, and community service.

Drug crimes

If you’ve been arrested on drug charges, call a solid and experienced defense attorney who can guide you through the defense process.

Scott M. Brown & Associates is a criminal defense law firm whose lawyers have extensive experience in felony and misdemeanor drug charges. We aggressively defend the rights and freedom of our clients. Our firm supports people facing drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking and distribution
  • Possession of illegal drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs

If you’re convicted of a drug crime, it can result in harsh penalties. Protect your rights and schedule a consultation with us today.


If you have been pulled over and charged with DUI or DWI in Texas, a conviction will usually come with harsh penalties. These may include:

  • Loss of your driver’s license
  • Compulsory completion of an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • An ignition control device (installed in your vehicle at your expense)

If you are facing DUI charges in Texas, defenses are available. But you will need to work with a Pearland DUI lawyer who understands the law and can use their knowledge to your advantage.

If you’re convicted of DUI, it can result in harsh penalties like a criminal record and possible jail time. Protect your rights and schedule a consultation with us today.

Juvenile crimes

Growing up isn’t easy, and experience tells us that stumbling isn’t inevitable. If your child is under 18 years old, they can be charged with various misdemeanor and felony offenses in Texas. Our Houston criminal defense lawyers at Scott M. Brown & Associates dedicate their practice to criminal defense. We are here to protect young persons charged with criminal offenses such as:

  • DWI
  • Minor in possession
  • Drug charges
  • Assault
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Traffic violations
  • Other alleged juvenile offenses

If your child is charged with a criminal offense in Texas, you need to seek the legal assistance of a criminal defense attorney who’s experienced with the juvenile court system. Schedule a consultation with us today, and together, let us protect your child’s future. 

Sex Crimes

Sex crime allegations demand aggressive defense and pro-active legal attention from an experienced Pearland, Texas, sex crimes lawyer. Being accused of sexual misconduct is a serious matter, and penalties for such crimes reflect that. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, having a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side is essential. 

Our sex crime attorneys can defend you from all types of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape and statutory rape
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Schoolteacher sexual assault
  • Other alleged sex crimes

Theft and Shoplifting

Even though theft is one of the most common crimes in Texas, the penalties and consequences of a conviction can be drastic. To be arrested for a theft crime, you must have taken the property of another individual without their consent or with no intention of returning it. If you’ve also received services and refuse to pay, it can also be considered theft. 

An arrest for theft or shoplifting is more than an annoyance. Possible jail time and a criminal record can affect your life. 

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we aggressively defend the rights and freedom of our clients. We will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you, seeking to avoid a conviction and the resulting criminal record whenever possible.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes in Texas refer to non-violent illegal acts committed for financial gain. The term “white collar” refers to the white shirt collars usually worn by employees in a business or financial institution. Some common white-collar crimes include:

  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Racketeering
  • Blackmail

White-collar crimes are prosecuted at the state or federal level, and these cases are usually complicated. Depending on the circumstances and the alleged amount of money stolen, you may face misdemeanor or felony charges. 

White-collar cases can often be drawn out and complicated, so you must consult with a reliable Pearland white collate crime defense attorney who can handle complex criminal cases. 

Violent crimes

Crimes of Violence in Texas can mean harsh sentences if convicted. State and federal laws give special treatment to “crimes of violence,” and both the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress have defined exactly what a crime of Violence involves for purposes of federal crimes and Texas prosecutions.

Our violent crimes defense attorneys help Texas residents deal with the following kinds of violent crime:

  • Assault and battery
  • Assault and battery using a dangerous weapon
  • Aggravated assault
  • Arson
  • Mayhem
  • Murder
  • Assault with intent to murder
  • Carjacking
  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Affray/fighting in public
  • Domestic assault
  • Road rage
  • Armed robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion

Since crimes of Violence can mean very long periods of incarceration for those convicted of these violent crimes, as well as the possibility of a death penalty sentence in some situations, it is best to consult with a lawyer right away. Connect with us today for a no-cost initial consultation with a lawyer. We can help you with your criminal legal defense in Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria Counties.

What’s the Difference Between Misdemeanor and Felony Charges?


Felonies charges, also known as “true crimes,” are the most severe type of crime. These are typically punishable by a year or more in state prison, heavy fines, or even the death penalty. Felonies usually involve violent crimes involving deadly weapons of causing harm to another person. Some common types of a felony are:

  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Burglary
  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child
  • Domestic assault
  • Illegal drug sales


On the other hand, misdemeanors are less severe crimes punishable by less than one year in county jail or fines of up to $4,000. Misdemeanors may include some of the same offenses listed under felony. However, misdemeanors are less violent than felonies. Common types of misdemeanors include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault
  • Property theft
  • Possession of unregistered firearms

A crime that was a misdemeanor on the first offense often becomes a felony the second time it is committed.

Minor Offenses

Minor offenses refer to crimes or infractions that are less severe than misdemeanors or felonies. Punishment for a minor offense can range from a simple warning, a small penalty fines, or imprisonment of three months. 

What Are Common Punishments for Criminal Charges in Texas?

Criminal cases carry challenges and nuances, but not all convictions are the same. Depending on your case’s specific circumstances, the penalties you will face may differ from someone who committed the same crime. The most common penalties in Texas include:

  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Incarceration
  • Diversion programs
  • Community service
  • Death penalty

Don’t let a criminal charge change your life. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney today to know how we can help protect your rights and freedom in Pearland, Texas. 

What Happens After an Arrest in Pearland?

Before your arrest, police investigated the crime they’re accusing you of and gathered enough evidence to determine that you’re responsible. They will then file a case against you in criminal court, which you can defend yourself against with the help of a Pearland criminal defense attorney.

The first stage in Texas’ criminal justice system is the arraignment. During your arraignment, the judge will read all charges filed against you and ask whether you’ll plead guilty or not guilty. 

Next, you and your attorney will start to build your case. We will work closely with you to discuss the best options for proceedings and approach a potential plea agreement. We will examine the evidence from when you were convicted, carefully investigate your case, and see if we can find any witnesses.

Your case may go in one of two directions: you can enter plea bargain negotiations or go directly to trial. With plea negotiations, the prosecution may offer an option to lessen your sentence. If you can’t reach an agreement in plea negotiations, or if it is not the right choice for you, you will go to court.

Schedule a consultation with our law office today to start your criminal defense in Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria County today.

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