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Investment Property Division Attorneys

Equity may build up quickly in an investment property. Rental homes, undeveloped real estate, condominiums, apartments, commercial properties and other investments become very valuable and are often the focus of contentious disputes in a divorce. Matters become more complicated when family members and other partners also have ownership shares in the property. In most circumstances, partners’ shares in a business or real estate investment are untouchable, but determining the value of your shares and potential future value of shares becomes complex quickly.If you own investment or rental property anywhere in the world and you are facing a divorce in Texas, you need a law firm that knows how to handle questions about property division, equity division, rental income, mineral rights and royalties and maintaining properties after divorce.

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, our team of Pearland investment property division lawyers provides answers and straightforward legal counsel. With years of combined legal experience, we offer personalized service and aggressive representation following a comprehensive analysis of your unique situation.

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Community Property, Equity And Value

If your property was acquired during your marriage or if you received any sort of income from the property or the minerals on it, a portion or all of the property may be considered community property. There are further questions to ask to determine the exact division and value of property, including:

  • Is the value of the property greater or less than the remaining mortgage debt?
  • What is the source of income from the property?
  • What is the monthly cost of maintaining the property?
  • What are the tax obligations for the property?
  • Does one spouse own a greater share of the property than the other?
  • Does one spouse want to keep the property after divorce?
  • Do you want to sell the property?

Both spouses could also maintain ownership and maintenance of the property even if divorced. Many financial and legal details must be considered, and our attorneys can guide you step by step through every stage, giving you confidence that your interests, rights and assets are protected.

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