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It can be used as a tool by one parent against another either during the divorce process or afterward. Parental alienation is the result of using and manipulating a child’s words or actions to cause the other parent harm, especially relating to custody and visitation matters. A parent who attempts to alienate the other parent from his or her children may or may not be aware of the alienating actions and tactics, but these actions should cause suspicion:

  • One parent characterizing the other parent as the one at fault in marital, financial or other adult matters to manipulate a child’s emotions
  • Condescending, negative language expressed by one parent about the other parent when a child is present
  • Other disrespectful manners expressed about the other parent in front of the child
  • Giving a child too much information about the marital relationship
  • Giving a child a choice about scheduled visitation when a court order specifically states the child has no choice about visits
  • Resisting or refusing to cooperate with the other parent about school and medical records
  • Asking the child to choose one parent over the other
  • Suggesting a change to a child’s name or an adoption by a stepparent
  • Sharing secrets or special signals with a child that the other parent isn’t privy to
  • Using a child to spy on the other parent

These actions and many others can be extremely harmful to children. They can also be very damaging to your divorce case and relationship with your children. It’s critical to involve an experienced and compassionate Texas lawyer who can recognize the signs of alienation and protect the best interests of you and your children before, during and following divorce.

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Signs Of Parental Alienation

Children are victimized when one parent is alienated. Children are very impressionable at any age, especially in family matters. They can be easily confused and manipulated into siding with one parent over the other. They might feel that they are helping or protecting one parent, but they don’t realize that they are alienating the other parent unduly. That is why parental alienation is such a big problem.

If you notice any of the following signs of alienation, contact our law firm right away:

  • Sudden argumentative nature or change in a child’s mood
  • A child can’t explain reasons for anger toward a parent
  • A child’s sudden unwillingness to talk
  • Hearing from your child something about your relationship with the other parent that you thought was confidential
  • Controlled communication between your child and the other parent
  • Appearance of the other parent trying to shield a child from you
  • Being accused of lying by your child

Our attorneys can help you translate these signs and recognize them for what they are. We can help you gather evidence and take decisive legal action to correct the situation now.

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