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A single sex crime accusation can blemish your reputation for years to come. A sexual assault conviction can land you in jail or prison and require you to register as a sex offender. If you are convicted, mandatory participation in the Texas Sex Offender Registration Program could be enforced for several years and possibly for the rest of your life. This requirement would follow you no matter which state you live in.

What Does Sex Offender Registration Require?

Both juvenile and adult sex offenders are required to provide law enforcement with critical personal information that will be publicly available on the Texas Sex Offender Registry and on other state and national “watchdog” websites. This information includes:

  • Legal name and address
  • Color photograph of yourself
  • The offense you were convicted of or adjudicated for

Additionally, you will be required to promptly report changes to this information with local law enforcement and verify the accuracy of it on a periodic basis. This is in addition to any probational requirements that you have. Failure to comply subjects convicted and adjudicated sex offenders to felony prosecution.

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Additional Consequences

Sex offender registration can affect where you are allowed to live and work. You will likely face hostility in your community, including discrimination and harassment — basically the life of a social outcast. You must fight sex crime charges. A committed lawyer can work to mitigate consequences and challenge evidence at every level.

What Are Your Legal Options?

Your first and most important option is the right to legal representation in defense of your case. Momentary indiscretions, misunderstandings about sexual advances (including sexual assault and even rape), contact with a minor in person or online, and entrapment by police can all possibly be challenged in court.

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we also defend both juveniles and adults who have been accused of statutory rape. If you are under investigation, do not hesitate to consult one of our attorneys. We can go to work for you right away and possibly prevent charges from being filed.

Finally, if you are currently registered as a sex offender, we may be able to help you reduce your classification on the sex offender registry or even get you off the registry.

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