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Dealing with divorce both practically and emotionally

A good piece of divorce advice can be found in a recent news story: Take it one day at a time. No one who gets married in Texas goes into matrimony believing they will ever get divorced, but for some, divorce ends up being necessary. Divorce can happen to anyone, no matter how old or young, but it typically affects everyone in two ways: practically and emotionally.

The practical side of divorce leaves people to deal with the everyday things in life. Taking care of children, finances, housing, health insurance and estate plans must be done during a divorce and can be completed through negotiations. However, these are not the only aspects of divorce.

There is a large emotional part to divorce that has to be dealt with in other ways. When a couple divorces, emotions can no doubt run high. Whether it’s sadness, anger or even a sense of failure, the emotions people have during this time can be hard to explain to others and even more difficult to deal with.

Grieving is normal and a part of the process of recovery after a divorce. Allowing yourself to express grief can help you deal with difficult emotions in a way that is healthy. Opening up to someone who can help, whether it’s a good friend or even a counselor, can also help people begin to deal with the after effects of divorce. Taking things one day at a time and not worrying about the things you can’t control can help Texas individuals going through a difficult divorce and hopefully allow them to successfully move on to the better lives they likely envisioned.

Source:, “Deal with divorce one day at a time,” Alice Sawayer, May 26, 2012

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