Texas town holds dubious divorce honors

A town in Texas is attracting divorced adults in droves. Over the last five years, Borger has had the highest increase in the number of people who have gone through a divorce moving to the town than any other city in the nation. The main reason for the high divorce numbers appears to be the economy. For the city of Borger, oilfield workers suffered the most due to the economy, potentially causing great marital discord at home because of their work schedules.

Borger is a town with a difficult history. Violence and drugs have held the city since the early 1900s. Reports show the town’s violent crime rate is substantially higher the rate of larger cities within the state. With the history of violence and the divorce rate within the city, it is no wonder Borger has one of the highest populations of divorced adults in the country.

Other cities within the country boast high rates of divorced residents as well. Lower costs of living may attract single parents to certain areas. High unemployment rates could also be responsible for the increased number of divorces in the nation. Newest statistics show a 10.5 percent divorce rate in 2007, but the rate now rests at 10.9 percent.

When the economy begins to affect a family, it can cause marital discord within a home. Although some spouses will be able to work through it, others may choose to file for divorce. Texas couples considering a divorce may want to ensure they are aware of their entitlements during a marital separation. A poor economy can affect everyone detrimentally, making it even more important to ensure someone gets their fair share during the divorce settlement. An experienced attorney can help.

Source: Chron.com, “Gusher of Texas oil-patch divorces leads breakup trend,” Frank Bass, Dec. 19, 2012

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